Xiaomi 15 Pro leak reveals everything about the camera

Xiaomi is expected to introduce its new top-tier smartphones, the 15 series, sometime in October, but the flagships will be initially exclusively available in China.

Although we’re four months away from their reveal, a new leak originating from China spills the beans on one of the Xiaomi 15 series phones. We’re talking about the Xiaomi 15 Pro, which is the middle choice in terms of performance.

Before we go in-depth into what’s packed inside the Xiaomi 15 Pro, it’s important to mention that you should take this with a grain of salt and treat it as rumor that might or might not be accurate.

Tipster Experience More (via PlayfulDroid) claims the Xiaomi 15 Pro will feature a triple camera setup, which includes three 50-megapixel cameras. The setup uses a 1-inch OmniVision OV50K main sensor, a Sony IMX882 telephoto sensor (3x optical zoom), and an ultra-wide lens.

Compared to the previous model, the Xiaomi 14 Pro, the upcoming model’s 50-megapixel telephoto camera will offer a much better experience, the tipster claims.

According to them, even though the Xiaomi 15 Pro uses a slightly lower resolution telephoto sensor compared to the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s, it’s more efficient when it comes to power consumption.

On top of that, the Sony IMX882 seems to offer better performance over the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s 50-megapixel Samsung JN1 sensor (crop factor between 2.9x and 3.2x). The leaker also suggest that performance will also depend on the aperture size, which isn’t mentioned in the report.

One other interesting piece of information that the report includes is that Xiaomi and Leica will continue to collaborate and the 15 series will benefit from this partnership, so we expect the camera to be co-engineered with the German company.

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