Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2024), Pixel phones, and more promos to splurge on

The week is slowly coming to an end, but deals have zero intention of going away for the weekend! Whether you’re looking to spoil Mom for Mother’s Day or yourself with a new Android phone, earbuds, or anything else, you’re sure to find what you seek right here.

Like every other week, we’ve scoured some of the largest online US merchants to find the best deals on your favorite tech and ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

In case you’re on a super tight budget, perhaps you’d be more interested in our weekly deals under $300. Over there, we’ve gathered top-notch promotions on more affordable and downright cheap items.

What do Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart have in store for you this week? Let’s find out!

These are the three best deals:

As you can see, some of this week’s top offers are absolutely jaw-dropping. We’re talking, of course, about the massive 53% markdown on one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers – the JBL Xtreme 3.

But not everyone looks for a large-sized Bluetooth speaker. If you’d prefer a recently released tablet, why not check out Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Lite? The 2024 model now sees its first more significant discount on Amazon, where you can save $80 on the S Pen-wielding device.

Smartphone seekers should absolutely have the Google Pixel 8 on their radars. The 256GB model is currently 20% off on Amazon.

And more smartphone deal bonanza!

A selection of deeply discounted phones is waiting to grab your attention. Over at Motorola, for instance, we have a couple of bundle deals that may catch your eye.

These are the Edge+ (2023) with a gift and the Razr+ promo with the same Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II that come for free. Both phones sell at lower prices besides the extra exciting gift. Also, while we’re all waiting for the upcoming Pixel 8a, Woot seems to be clearing up shelves for it. It does so in style, too, slashing prices for the old but gold Pixel 6a.

In case you’d like to get rid of your old phone, head over to OnePlus, where you can trade in any phone in any condition for $100 off the OnePlus 12R. Alternatively, you can save $150 on the older OnePlus 11. And if you’re looking to experience Galaxy AI at a more bearable price, we suggest the Galaxy S24+ promo on Amazon.

Tablet awesomeness on the cheap

It’s not just the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2024) enjoying its first substantial discount this week. The Lenovo Tab M11 has received a $60 price cut from Best Buy, making it a much more affordable option for undemanding users.

Multitasking masters probably won’t be tempted by the mid-range Galaxy slate or the budget tablet from Lenovo, though. On the bright side, the Galaxy Tab S9 is also on sale at Amazon, giving you plenty of raw horsepower at more reasonable prices. For Windows fans, Amazon has prepared a tempting Surface Pro 9 promo.

Those on a shoestring budget shouldn’t miss out on the Galaxy Tab A9+. Incidentally, the Lenovo Tab P11 (2nd Gen) is under $170, just like the Samsung tablet. The 2nd Gen Tab P11 option can be yours at 41% off on Lenovo.com.

Grab a smartwatch while you’re at it with this week’s top deals

Whether you demand long battery life, all the latest wearable technology, or something truly cheap yet high quality, this week’s top bargains are here to quench your shopping thirst! The Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) is probably this week’s best choice for cash-strapped Android lovers. Garmin’s Instinct 2, on the other hand, impresses with its long battery life and exciting prices on Best Buy.

Apple’s Watch Series 9 is not to be missed from Amazon’s Deals section, either. This one enjoys a 25% markdown, helping you save $100 on the wearable with the double tap feature.

Finish off in style with bargain headphones, earbuds, and Bluetooth speakers

Bose’s QuietComfort Headphones dropped to their Black Friday price this week. Naturally, they made it on our list of top deals in the audio segment. These are $100 off at Amazon, making them a much more attractive choice for hardcore fans of the brand.

Again, we have something in this section for Apple users, which is, of course, the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C case. What’s different here is that the deal we found on Amazon comes with two years of AppleCare+ for your peace of mind.

The US version of Samsung’s high-end wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, are another item you can get at low prices on Amazon. These are currently $70 cheaper and arrive with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

What if you need a new Bluetooth speaker to make the weekend extra exciting but don’t intend to carry around something as bulky as the JBL Xtreme 3? Pick the JBL Flip 6, now under $100 on Amazon, which offers easy transportation and the same form factor as the Xtreme. Alternatively, you can snag Marshall’s small-sized Emberton II at its best price.

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