T-Mobile subscriber warns other new customers to look out for this unauthorized recurring charge


It seems that these days it is getting harder and harder for an associate working for a wireless firm to make a buck. From reading about their complaints on social media platforms including Reddit, writing up an order for a phone upgrade won’t bring home the bacon. To make some decent money, an associate needs to get a customer to not only upgrade his phone but also add some new lines, and buy an insurance plan for the phones on the account. In addition, T-Mobile gives its associates certain sales goals and “metrics” that the employee must meet in order to keep his/her job. Generating recurring revenue is the goal.

As a result, some wireless subscribers have discovered unauthorized additions on their accounts. A few days ago, Reddit subscriber “kepler186” moved from AT&T to T-Mobile. He bought a new iPhone from the nation’s second-largest wireless carrier and ordered a new line. The business was conducted over the phone. In his post, the Redditor notes, “Not ONCE did he (the T-Mobile associate) mention anything about a “protection plan”, and I assure you, if he did, I would most certainly have declined it.”

New T-Mobile customer was shocked to find he was charged for a “protection plan” he didn’t authorize

Well, after checking his account online, the new T-Mobile customer was shocked to discover that his bill contained a monthly $18 charge for a “protection plan” to cover the new iPhone that he bought. Of course, as he pointed out, this charge was never authorized by him and he warns other new T-Mobile subscribers to be on the lookout for unauthorized recurring charges on their accounts.

“kepler186” said that he quickly canceled the “protection plan” he never ordered and plans on complaining to the FCC “because I know this is an ongoing issue from what I’m reading and it needs to stop…Be very wary when reviewing your monthly charges after set up. It seems to happen a lot from what I’m reading.”

Other T-Mobile subscribers mentioned that the addition of recurring charges to their account due to some insurance plan or something else they didn’t authorize has happened to them. Redditor “blippityblue 72” wrote “This has happened every time I’ve got a new phone in the last 5 years. I always have to call and have it removed. I leave bad reviews and complain every time but it still happens every time. There’s only one store near me so I don’t have a choice but to go there.”

T-Mobile agent admits that many customers complain about unauthorized recurring charges on their accounts

Another long-time T-Mobile customer noted, “…I’ve been with Tmobile for over 20 years and have had it done to me nearly every single time we did an upgrade in-store. I even told one guy, ‘I know you’re gonna add the protection plan even though I tell you I don’t want it and I’m just gonna remove it as soon as I get home. It’s comically well known at the point and has been going on for yearsssss.”

As for “kepler186,” when he did call T-Mobile he was told, “Yes, we have a lot of customers who have had this happen and we always remove it for them and we will remove it for you” which is a rather strange admission of guilt. He still plans to complain to the FCC even though the charge was removed because, “This isn’t right. What about those that don’t notice and pay the unauthorized fee not just for the first month, but any number of months after? Of which I am sure there are MANY (or they wouldn’t keep doing it).”

If you dospot a charge on your invoice for something that you did not authorize, call your carrier and complain. Note the time you called and the name of the agents you spoke with. If you don’t say anything, you are letting the carriers get away with this.

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