People rip Samsung to pieces after the company calls out Apple multiple times – here’s why


Samsung regularly calls out Apple for being late with certain iPhone features, which Android phones have had for years. Examples include an entire 2012 ad campaign where Apple and Samsung users are waiting in line for the new iPhone 5. In the video ad, Galaxy S III users look down on iPhone users who are waiting in line for the new iPhone with “fewer features” and a smaller screen than the Galaxy.Farther back, Samsung also indirectly called out the iPhone 4 for its antenna issues by making a Galaxy poster that spelled “Hello” with reception bars. I’ll admit that’s one of Samsung’s classier, indirect jabs at Apple.

Then, there’s Samsung’s “No one’s going to buy a big phone – guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds” tweet referring to the launch of the first large iPhone, the iPhone 6 Plus. I’ll give Samsung this one as well! Apple was dead wrong. Smartphone addicts… I mean smartphone users love big screens.

Fast forward to today, Samsung’s most recent shot at Apple came in the form of another video ad, which arrived shockingly fast to mock Cupertino’s controversial “Crush” commercial for the new iPad Pro (which Apple admitted to have “missed the mark”).

And while most of these are clever and sophisticated ways to “trash talk” your competition, wait until you see what Samsung had to say/tweet during the launch of iOS 18!

Samsung chooses a rage tweets campaign to call out Apple’s iOS 18 for being late to the AI game

Samsung simply can’t keep quiet whenever Apple does something “controversial”, or (let’s be honest) whenever Apple does anything at all.

Not after but even quite literally during the launch of iOS 18, which Samsung’s people were watching carefully (and taking notes?) Samsung’s US X account started dropping tweet after tweet about how late iOS 18 is to get certain “Android” features.

Obviously, Samsung would love to make it clear that the Galaxy lets users move their app icons anywhere on the screen “since 2010”. Hey Samsung… Moving your laggy software out of your phones from 2010 to 2018 would’ve helped users even more!

With this tweet, Samsung is referring to Apple’s latest (and probably sneakiest) marketing move to call the AI on iPhone, iPad, and Mac “Apple Intelligence”.

Samsung must be jealous of Apple’s genius idea to call AI… AI, and make it unique to Apple? Tim Cook & Co name everything. Perhaps Samsung should start doing the same.

And just because third time’s a charm, Samsung had to go totally off topic, implying the Galaxy takes better photos than the iPhone.

However, I noticed Sammy isn’t confident enough to mention the video album. Why is that? Who cares! No one takes videos in 2024. What is this? 2010?!

People respond to Samsung’s childish tweets about Apple’s iOS 18: “Cringe marketing campaign”

But then came the replies to Samsung’s rage tweets, and although they aren’t nearly as sophisticated as my nerdy responses from above, they hit much harder, since you know they are coming from a real place.

You can read all of them if you zoom in on the screenshots, but here are some of my favorite tweets in response to Samsung’s anti-Apple tweets:

  • Your marketing is cringe. Just stop, please.
  • Adding “Apple” just means it’s going to work.
  • I forgot that time Samsung invented the cellphone.
  • Big talk for a company that tried stealing Apple’s business model.
  • I don’t like Apple but this is the definition of living rent-free in someone’s mind.

Samsung keeps making it seem like Apple is the only “villain”, while borrowing Tim Cook’s “evil” business model

Video Thumbnail

So, yeah… it’s happened again. Samsung called out Apple. Multiple times. With multiple tweets. Which makes me wonder…

What I find ironic is that Samsung’s tantrum coincided with the leaked images of the company’s new Galaxy Buds Pro 3. And guess what? The unique look of Samsung’s earbuds is gone, making a way to a more mainstream earbud design – that of the AirPods Pro (with the stem and all).

In fact, to add to the obvious design inspiration Samsung likes to take from Cupertino, the alleged Galaxy Watch Ultra will be square – just like the Apple Watch Ultra. That’s another first for Samsung’s flagship smartwatch lineup. So, I guess Samsung believes Tim Cook & Co are doing some things right.

Samsung has a lot to say about some of Apple’s choices but loves following Tim Cook’s lead

But I’d like to go back to the tweet I quoted earlier: “Big talk for a company that tried stealing Apple’s business model.”

This X user says “tried”, but I’d disagree. Samsung didn’t just try but pretty much managed to emulate Apple’s business model quite successfully. At least when it comes to the Galaxy S series (although not in terms of revenue).

For example, the upcoming Galaxy S25 and S25+ are expected to reuse the same camera sensors as the Galaxy S24, S23, and S22, while general upgrades to the camera system have been very slow in the past 3-4 years (at least compared to the good old days).

Not to mention the fact that the Galaxy S24, S23, S22 and arguably the S21 share almost the same design – another very “Apple” move from the company so keen on dunking on its big competitor for being “slow”.

All in all, Samsung seems to take every opportunity to villainize Apple. And don’t get me wrong, Tim Cook & Co are no angels. For example, making “Apple Intelligence” exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro is super disappointing, in my opinion.

Then again, compared to many years ago, Samsung is now basically what I call “Android’s Apple”, so making it seem like Apple is the only big player doing what big players do… doesn’t fly.

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