LG to bring Google Cast to more hotel rooms this fall


Image credit β€” SONIFI Solutions

The ability to seamlessly stream content from your personal devices to hotel TVs is about to get a whole lot easier. LG, in partnership with SONIFI, a leading provider of hospitality technology, is set to roll out Google Cast support to over half a million hotel rooms by this fall. This means that guests can easily cast their favorite shows, movies, and music from their phones, tablets, or laptops directly to their in-room LG TV, regardless of whether they use Android, iOS, Windows, ChromeOS, or macOS.Google Cast, previously known as Chromecast, has long been a popular way to connect devices to TVs at home. However, its availability in hotel rooms has been limited. This new initiative aims to change that by making it a standard feature in LG-equipped hotel rooms worldwide. The technology works by allowing users to “cast” or mirror the content from compatible apps and websites directly onto the TV screen.The implementation will be integrated with SONIFI’s existing STAYCAST platform, which already allows guests to sign in to their streaming accounts on the TV and automatically logs them out at the end of their stay. This ensures a secure and convenient experience for guests while also maintaining privacy. To this,Β Michael Kosla, Senior Vice President at LG Business Solutions USA, said:

The partnership between LG and SONIFI is a significant step towards making hotel rooms more user-friendly and personalized. By allowing guests to access their preferred content on the big screen, it enhances the overall entertainment experience during their stay.Β Kara Heermans, SONIFI’s Senior Vice President of User Experience and Product Management, said the below regarding this collaboration:

With the rollout planned for this fall, travelers can soon expect to find Google Cast readily available in a wide range of hotels. This move by LG and SONIFI is not only a win for guests but also for hotels, as it provides a valuable amenity that can attract and retain customers. I know as a traveler, I’ll be really thankful to be able to stream my favorite shows and movies and not beholden to whatever is currently playing on cable TV.

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