Amazon slips to prematurely reveal key Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 info including release date


Mere days after Samsung spoiled one of its biggest summer 2024 secrets by confirming the name of its premium upcoming Apple Watch Ultra alternative, the company’s other intelligent timepiece expected out in the next few weeks randomly and prematurely popped up on Amazon.

While the Canadian product listing has been quickly and unsurprisingly deleted, we all know what happens on the internet stays on the internet for good in some shape or form. In this particular case, the eagle-eyed folks over at PassionateGeekz managed to both spot the prematurely revealed information to begin with and make a copy of it for posterity.

These are the key Galaxy Watch 7 details divulged today

  • 3nm processor designed to boost power efficiency;
  • 40mm case;
  • BioActiveSensor2 for more accurate heart rate monitoring during exercise and sleep;
  • Personalized daily AI companion for AI-powered sleep, exercise, and communication;
  • Galaxy AI smart reply;
  • Enhanced battery life of up to 100 hours between charges in Power Saving Mode or Stamina Mode;
  • July 10 release date.

To be perfectly honest, we’re a bit disappointed with how much (or rather how little) Amazon Canada was willing to share in this accidental listing. There are no product images to give you, no (credible) details on things like storage, memory, actual battery capacity, or screen resolution, and something tells us that CAD 358.55 price point is not to be trusted either.

The main reason for that is, well, its oddness compared to… pretty much all of the best smartwatches on the market today, starting with the Galaxy Watch 6. Samsung’s non-Classic 2023-released timepiece normally costs 310 Canadian Dollars up north in an entry-level Bluetooth-only 40mm variant, and even Amazon’s reduced regional price of $250 right now is a lot rounder than $358.55.
Obviously, pre-orders are not underway just yet anywhere around the world, but if the Galaxy Watch 7 will indeed be released on July 10, a formal announcement might take place in a matter of days. That’s right, there’s now a possibility that Samsung’s next-gen smartwatches will be unveiled and put up for pre-order globally ahead of the company’s big Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6-dedicated Unpacked event, which is widely expected to happen on… July 10.

Will AI be the number one selling point here?

That’s naturally far too soon to tell, but the above list of features certainly suggests that might be the case, especially if the general appearance of the Galaxy Watch 7 will go largely unchanged compared to the Galaxy Watch 6.

Speaking of the Galaxy Watch 6, though, there’s definitely a good chance all of the Watch 7’s AI features and capabilities will also extend to its forerunner via a software update down the line, making other upgrades feel more crucial for the unique appeal of Samsung’s next (non-rugged) smartwatch.

That 3-nanometer processor, for instance, should improve both raw power and energy efficiency, allowing the Galaxy Watch 7 to last longer between (faster) charges without (necessarily) enlarging the physical size of its battery. While some of these details are still under wraps, the new and improved chip inside this bad boy is most likely a Samsung-made Exynos W1000 that signals a big step up from the Exynos W930 under the Galaxy Watch 6’s hood.
Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 7 is also expected to come in two sizes, each of which should rock an ultra-high-quality Super AMOLED touchscreen designed to give the presumably impressive Retina panel on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 a healthy run for its money.

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