Leaked Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra renders reveal design similar to predecessor


Leaked Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra render | Image credit β€” Android Headlines and OnLeaks

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra early next year, and leaked renders have given us an early glimpse of what to expect. Surprisingly, the design appears almost identical to its predecessor, the current Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

The overall design, including the dimensions (approximately 326.4 x 208.6 x 5.45mm) and button placement, appears almost unchanged. This consistency may appeal to users who are already familiar with the Tab S9 Ultra and appreciate its form factor. However, it could also be seen as a lack of innovation on Samsung’s part. Additionally, sinceΒ the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra was already incredibly thin, many users had hoped for a slightly thicker design this time around.

Leaked renders of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra | Images source β€” Android Headlines and OnLeaks

The tablet is expected to retain the convenient quad speakers, which are likely tuned by AKG once again for crisp and immersive sound. The power and volume buttons will also remain on the right side for easy access, whether you’re holding the tablet in portrait or landscape mode. The S Pen will continue to magnetically attach to the back of the tablet for charging and storage, making it a seamless extension of the device.

It appears that Samsung will also stick with the large 14.6-inch display, which, while large for some, is perfect for others. The dual front and rear cameras will also remain, meaning the display notch is here to stay.

So far, details about the Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra are still scarce, partly due to the fact that its launch is months away. Reports suggest that Samsung is still deciding on the chipset, with options including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 or the Snapdragon X Elite. The choice of chipset could impact performance and battery life, so this is an important detail that we still don’t know about.

In terms of RAM and storage, we can anticipate 12GB or 16GB of RAM options, along with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage variants, similar to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. While a 2TB model would be exciting, it’s unclear if Samsung will offer it.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Unpacked event is likely just weeks away and there are plenty of other devices we are anticipating will be announced. Even though the Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra is not expected to take part in that lineup, we are still excited about any new information on this popular Android tablet.

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