I’m hyped about the gigantic iPhone 16 Pro Max, so hear me out


We hear the iPhone 16 Pro models are going to grow in size. In fact, we hear the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be one gigantic iPhone. As a person who rejoiced getting the quite big iPhone 13 Pro Max, I’m here to argue that having a gigantic iPhone is not at all that bad. Yep, I am one of the people who’s actually “against” compact phones, which seems to be a bit of an unpopular opinion.

Big iPhone 16 Pro Max means a bigger display (obviously)

I love watching stuff on my iPhone. I also enjoy taking notes, looking at photos, social media, browsing random facts about the world and sometimes even reading. And even though the iPhone 13 Pro Max‘s screen is huge compared to other phones (I previously had the iPhone 8!), I can feel how it’s becoming small for me. I catch myself wanting more screen real estate so that it can fit more information, and it can be more comfortable for my eyes. Rumors claim the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s screen is going to grow all the way to 6.9 inches. That’s fantastic!

If you look at the schematics that showcase the difference, you don’t see a big difference in the numbers.

However, the phone appears to be visibly taller. This could actually mean less scrolling is needed and more information can be fit on the screen at a given time. I particularly like this, as I dread having to scroll too frequently. Maybe it’s just a me thing, but I like to see a lot of things on the display instead of having to scroll up and down all the time for the big picture.

Understandably, I like this for video content as well. I don’t game, but I also would imagine gamers would fancy the more screen real estate.

Big iPhone 16 Pro Max means more space to fit a nice generous battery in there

For me, battery life is the key reason I went for the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the first place. I was tired of having to charge my phone every night and to try to calculate if it would last through an entire day out, if I forgot to take my battery bank.

The big iPhone 13 Pro Max battery eliminated these worries, and I even forgot battery was still a concern for some people. Yep, every couple of days or so I’ll have to charge it, depending on how much I am using it. And with time, the battery of the 13 Pro Max gets older and slowly (but surely) starts holding less charge.

That’s why the iPhone 16 Pro Max being even bigger is getting me all pumped up. As far as leaks go, we’re hearing there won’t be any major bumps in battery sizes. According to leaks, we can expect a 4,676 mAh battery for the 16 Pro Max, which is 5% larger than the 15 Pro Max.

Yep, the difference isn’t huge. But Apple is great with optimizing battery performance so I’m sure even a 5% increase will be a notable thing. And as these are just leaks and rumors and still unconfirmed details, I’m reserving a spot in my heart for the possibility of an even bigger battery.

Portability – who cares, phones are big anyway

I reckon some people will argue that at 6.9 inches (and weight unknown so far) the iPhone 16 Pro Max will become a portability nightmare. However, phones are already getting too big for most jean pockets anyway, and I’d also argue carrying your phone in your jeans is uncomfortable as is.

I remember carrying my tiny iPhone 8 in my pocket (it barely fit even then!), and then when I got the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the phone didn’t fit at all (of course it won’t). Nuisance? Not so much, as I was also carrying a bag anyway. And it’s a worthwhile compromise even for people who are not used to a bag – because of the big screen and the battery that I mentioned in the previous two points.

As for the weight, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, thanks to the new titanium frame, weighs 221g, 20g lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s a notable improvement that makes a difference. Apple will likely also make the 16 Pro Max using titanium, so it is not going to become an unportable gigantic whale of a phone.

Remember, Apple will want to make the experience with the 16 Pro Max a great one, so you bet it will try its best to achieve a weight that won’t be too dramatic.

Two camps: compact phone fans and big phone fans  

Of course, people are split and some swear by a more compact phone (including our own Mariyan) while others, me included, don’t want a small phone as a daily driver even for a day.

Let’s briefly explore a couple more compact phone pros so I can show you why they are not as relevant to me.

A compact phone is more comfortable to hold while talking

Here, I’d ask why are you not talking using earbuds. I mean, it’s 2024, and I don’t want my ear to start getting uncomfortably warm while I’m talking on the phone. I prefer talking using my AirPods, and if I’m driving, using the speaker (for the lucky ones, a very nice sounding car system speaker). In my house, I talk on speaker, or from my Mac…

Easier to type one-handed

Well, I have a small hand so I can’t type one-handed even on a regular-sized iPhone. I wasn’t typing one-handed even on the iPhone 8. It’s a habit of mine to type using both hands now, so a bigger iPhone 16 Pro Max is even better for that.

Having to carry a bag

I somewhat addressed this one already. However, I want to quickly add something – gone are the days when you’re free as a child in the wind and you carry nothing at all. You’re a grown-up now…

I miss those days sometimes. And you can get a feel for them if you get a Cellular Apple Watch and you can store credit card info and personal ID documents on it. But then why would you need a compact iPhone to begin with, if you have a Watch?

Conclusion: I’m hyped for the iPhone 16 Pro Max

Although some people have a negative knee-jerk reaction when they see stories about bigger phones and the ‘gigantic’ iPhone 16 Pro Max, I’m here to argue that it’s a good thing. There’s always the Pro if you don’t like the extreme 6.9-inch sized Pro Max. But it’s great that Apple is going bigger with the Pro Max – that’s why it’s a Max product anyway. I’m excited to see what more it will bring, and I can already feel it may be time for an upgrade for me.

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