Hit the jackpot with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, now under $200 on Best Buy

Want a new Galaxy Watch for less than $200? No problem! Best Buy gives you a smashing deal on the robust Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, returning it to some of the best prices we’ve seen. At $250 off its price tag, this is undoubtedly one of the best value-for-money smartwatches you can possibly get!

We’re talking a brand-new wearable with Bluetooth connectivity. Obviously, this means you’d have to bring your phone around if you want to be able to answer phone calls and more. But still, it’s a stunningly good option for those on a tight budget, especially if you have a Galaxy phone. 

And if you absolutely must have LTE on deck, consider Amazon. Over here, you can get the same $250 discount on the 4G model, meaning you save 50%. According to our research, this brings this particular version of the wearable at its best price. 

This bad boy may be no spring chicken, but it remains among the best smartwatches for Android lovers. It sports a durable design and many health and fitness-related features, including heart and sleep tracking, activity insights, and more. All of those are navigated through quite easily, thanks to the Wear OS, and you also have NFC support for contactless payments. A true gem indeed! 

A unique feature here is the exclusive GPS guidance and trackback. Once you import GPX maps, the feature offers turn-by-turn guidance using haptic feedback and voice-assisted commands to help you find your way back. Since this timepiece is designed for outdoor lovers, this feature seems more than appropriate. 

The Apple Watch rival also stands out with its outstanding battery life. With its massive 590mAh battery inside, the timepiece routinely makes it over 60 hours between charges. Even the more contemporary Galaxy Watch 6 models can’t keep the lights on for so long. 

Is this smartwatch something you should consider? Absolutely! After all, you won’t find many other wearables with a titanium body, all the necessary smarts, and plenty of awesome features for less than $200!

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