X to put live streaming behind a paywall


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X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, has announced that it will soon restrict live streaming to its premium subscribers. This move makes X the first major social platform to charge for this feature, which remains free on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.The company stated that “starting soon, only Premium subscribers will be able to livestream (create live video streams) on X. This includes going live from an encoder with X integration,” suggesting that the change will also affect X’s game streaming capabilities.
X announces that a premium subscription will be required in order to livestream on the platform

No explanation was given for this change. X has typically used additional features, such as post editing, long-form writing, and ad-free feeds to incentivize users to subscribe to its paid plans. This marks a departure from its usual practice, as it hasn’t previously restricted existing, widely available features to paying users. X Premium subscriptions currently start at $3 per month for the “basic” tier and go up to $8 per month for Premium and $16 per month for Premium+.This change is not the only indication that X is looking to charge for more features. The company recently introduced a $1 annual fee for new accounts in New Zealand and the Philippines to gain posting privileges. Although this is still being described as a test, Elon Musk, the owner of X, has hinted at the possibility of extending these fees to all new users globally.Β This suggests a potential shift in X’s strategy, moving from a primarily advertisement-based model to one that incorporates a mix of advertising and paid subscriptions.

No specific date was given for when the change would take place, however, already some reactions to the announcement by X users have been negative. The main point being brought up is the fact that no other platform, even those with a superior UI and video player, charges their users for streaming. It remains to be seen how users will react to this change once it is implemented, and whether it will lead other platforms to follow suit.

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