With an improved NPU, Apple is tipped to power the iPad Pro models with the M4 chip


On May 7th, Apple is expected to introduce some new iPad tablets during the tech giant’s “Let Loose” event. We should see new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2024) top-of-the-line tablets; these will be the first iPad models from Apple to feature an OLED display. Other changes include a new landscape-oriented front-facing camera and an upgrade from the M2 chip used on the iPad Pro (2022) to the M3 chip for the iPad Pro (2024).
But according to Bloomberg’s Apple beat writer Mark Gurman, we could be in for a surprise. In Gurman’s latest edition of his Power On weekly newsletter, he says that instead of the M3, Apple might choose to power the new iPad Pro tablets with the more powerful M4 instead. One of the reasons for Apple to go with the M4 instead of the M3 on the iPad Pro (2024) is the advanced Neural Engine on the M4, perfect for the enhanced AI capabilities expected to be available with the new iPad Pro line.

Also coming on May 7th will be the new iPad Air (2024) line. The use of OLED is expected to drive up the pricing of the new iPad Pro slates, especially the 12.9-inch model. For those who want a 12.9-inch iPad but can’t afford the OLED iPad Pro, Apple has decided to add a more affordable 12.9-inch version of the iPad Air with an LCD panel. The new 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Air models will also feature a new landscape orientation for the front-facing camera. And the line will get a silicon upgrade from the M1 to the M2.

A new Magic Keyboard should share the stage with a revised aluminum design that will make the iPad Pro look more like a laptop when using the accessory. The latest Apple Pencil digital writing instrument will also appear at the Let Loose event with a new squeeze gesture and support for the Find My app.
The event will start earlier than normal, especially on the West Coast where Apple is headquartered. There, the event starts at 7 am while on the East Coast, “Lets Loose” lets loose starting at 10 am. Bloomberg’s Gurman says that Apple is checking out the response from consumers and if favorable, the September iPhone 16 unveiling could start during the same time of day.

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