WhatsApp users will soon choose between two different models for AI generated images

We’re inching closer to the day when WhatsApp users will be able to AI-generate their own images right in the popular messaging app!

What’s more, WhatsApp users will be able to choose between two distinct models from Meta’s AI Llama models:

  • 3-70B (simpler, faster tasks)
  • 3-405B (more complex queries)

These are the latest findings of the always informative WABetaInfo and the report is focused on the beta version of WhatsApp.In a previous update, version, WhatsApp revealed its work on integrating the Meta AI Llama model, offering users a choice between different AI models for varied interaction complexity.

Users could opt for the Llama 3-70B model for simpler tasks or the more advanced Llama 3-405B model for more complex queries. The current update just goes to show that WhatsApp isn’t an exception when it comes to the rule: in 2024, everything is AI-oriented. Personally, I find the whole thing overwhelming at moments, but I’ll wait and see how this new feature will behave in WhatsApp. It could turn out to be useful!

The new feature, detailed in the latest beta, enables users to create AI-generated images of themselves by taking a set of setup photos. Then, Meta AI will analyze and use these to generate images that accurately reflect the user’s appearance. Users maintain full control over this feature, with the ability to delete their setup photos at any time through the Meta AI settings.

To generate an AI image, users can type “Imagine me” in a Meta AI conversation. This feature can also be used in other chats by typing “@Meta AI imagine me”. Notably, Meta AI processes this command separately from other messages, ensuring user privacy. The generated image will automatically be shared in the conversation by the app.

This feature is optional and requires users to opt-in by enabling it in their settings and taking their setup photos. The development of this feature is ongoing, with plans for availability in a future update.

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