WhatsApp to get the Live Translate treatment thanks to Galaxy AI, a tipster claims

If you’re one of the two billion WhatsApp users out there, you could soon talk to other people in different languages without having to go to class with that dominating green bird (yes, that’s a Duolingo reference right there!)

That’s because WhatsApp, probably the most popular messaging app in the world, could soon get a lot smarter and allow users to use the Live Translate feature.

We talked about such a possibility at the start of June when it became known that Samsung expands Live Translate to third-party apps.

Back then, Samsung didn’t (and still hasn’t done so) share details about compatibility, but now, there’s a Sammy-prolific tipster (yup, that’s the well-known Ice Universe we’re talking about here) who claims WhatsApp is about to get Galaxy AI’s Live Translate:

Long story short, Live Translate is what you think it is: the feature “hears” what the speaker says and (almost immediately) translates it into a language you can understand. The goal is for you, let’s say, an English speaker, to be able to communication with your buddy from Korea without either one of you knowing any other languages than your mother tongue.

Normally, you might face challenges understanding and responding to each other. This is where Live Translate comes in. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it can translate spoken or written language almost instantly.

Also, if you’re not talking over the phone and you’re speaking to someone in person, you can use your Galaxy device to listen to the conversation. The Live Translate feature will quickly convert their speech into your preferred language, displaying the translated text on your screen. Similarly, it can translate your speech into the other person’s language, facilitating a back-and-forth conversation without the language barrier.

Samsung’s Live Translate feature supports a total of 16 languages. Back in April, the three new additions were:
They join the already supported Chinese (simplified), English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.

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