WhatsApp starts rolling out a new sticker type with more fluid animations and vivid colors

WhatsApp is getting some nice enhancements to its stickers with a new type of sticker pack rolling out. WhatsApp has been constantly working on new features and updates to current features, and this latest change is another addition to an already rich feature set.

WhatsApp is reportedly quietly rolling out Lottie support for stickers with a new sticker pack, as noticed by WABetaInfo. Now, the “I’m Just a Girl” pack is available in the official Sticker Store, and it’s the first of its kind to be generated with the Lottie framework.

The sticker pack, designed by BUCK, can be downloaded and gives an idea to developers on how to make the most of the sticker framework.

Lottie basically allows developers to use vector-based animations for stickers. This pretty much means you get more eye-pleasing stickers with smoother animations and more vivid colors. The current stickers in WhatsApp are WebP-based and they are high quality indeed, but vector-based stickers have even better animations. For now, though, it seems there isn’t an option for developers to begin making Lottie stickers with third-party apps. It could be something to come in the future though.

WhatsApp beta version was the first version to hint at Meta’s plan to roll out Lottie stickers. The new type of sticker will make the experience of sending WhatsApp stickers even more fun when more sticker packs are developed in the near future.

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