WhatsApp rolls out support for longer voice messages in status updates


WhatsApp is testing a lot of new features, but many of these never see the light of day. For some, WhatsApp is taking a much longer time than usual to bring them to the masses, although that’s not the case with today’s changes.

Even though testing for longer voice messages in status updates started a few years ago, we’ve already seen the first results earlier this year when WhatsApp rollout support for 30-second voice recordings.

Over the weekend, the folks at WABetaInfo discovered that this specific feature has been further improved to allow for 1-minute-long voice messages to be shared in status updates.

Obviously, you don’t have to record a 1-minute voice message to share via status updates, this is just the maximum length WhatsApp supports currently. It’s worth noting that the improved feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp, but you’ll have to manually download the update from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Also, it appears that this is a staged roll-out, which means that the update might not show up for everyone at the same time. It usually takes a few weeks for these updates to be fully deployed, so be patient if you don’t see this in your app yet.

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