WhatsApp is working on improving Channel discovery with a new categorization feature


WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messaging platform that is used globally, is working on a new way to help you discover the most relevant channels. The latest beta version of the Android app (v2.24.10.17) reveals that categorized channels are in the pipeline, promising a more organized and intuitive way to find content you love.According to WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp news, the app is developing categories like Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, News and Information, Organizations, People, and Sports. This change means goodbye to endless scrolling through unorganized channels. Instead, you’ll be able to jump straight to your preferred topics and discover relevant channels with ease. WhatsApp even plans to automate the process, analyzing channels and placing them into the most fitting categories for ultimate convenience.This new approach will likely drive more traffic to channels that resonate with your specific interests. As a channel creator yourself, you might experience an uptick in followers thanks to the improved channel visibility. For example, if you were running a sports news channel and someone is interested in that and searching for something related on WhatsApp, they’ll now have a dedicated sports category where they can quickly uncover your sports-focused channel.

Credit: WABetaInfo

This update is also a testament to WhatsApp’s recognition that channels are a growing part of its platform. By investing in improved discoverability, WhatsApp is making it easier for users to connect with the content they enjoy – whether that’s staying up-to-date on current events, finding new businesses, or following their favorite personalities.

Although found in the beta version of the app, this feature is still under development, meaning it’s not ready for use — not even by the beta testers. That said, while wait for an official release date, this development shows that WhatsApp is actively enhancing the channels feature so we should expect this to move along pretty quickly.

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