WhatsApp is widely rolling out an event feature for group chats


Image credit — PhoneArena

WhatsApp is expanding its new event feature beyond communities and making it available to all group chats. This means that anyone can easily create and manage events within their group chats. Whether it’s an online meeting or a social gathering, this feature makes organizing and coordinating events much simpler.Previously, the event feature was limited to communities. However, with the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update (, now available on the Google Play Store, we see that WhatsApp is rolling out the feature to all group chats.

Event planning option available within a regular group chat | Image credit — WABetaInfo

Now, even in regular group chats that are not part of any community, you can create events. This feature allows users to enter event details such as name, description, date, location (if applicable), and whether a voice or video call is required. Once the event is created, members of the group chat can see the invitation and accept it. The event creator can also update the event details whenever needed. Importantly, these events are end-to-end encrypted, so only the participants in the conversation can see the event details and any communications about it.The wider rollout of the event feature to the stable release means that more people can try it out in their regular group chats. WhatsApp seems committed to improving the user experience of group chats and is developing additional features for future updates. These may include things like event reminders and the option to set cover photos for group chats. These enhancements aim to make event management smoother and help people identify group chats more easily.

This new event feature for group chats is currently available to some users who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for Android updates from the Google Play Store. It is expected to roll out to more people in the coming days.

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