WhatsApp gets a fresh new look and dark mode as redesign rolls out to all users


WhatsApp, one of the world’s most widely used messaging apps, has received a significant visual upgrade. Meta, the parent company, aims to keep the app’s look current while also enhancing its user experience, thus this new update involves new colors, refreshed icons, and subtle animations.

When you launch the redesigned app, the most noticeable change is the new color scheme. WhatsApp’s signature green is used more prominently, with complementary neutral tones adding a touch of sophistication. This shift creates a cohesive look throughout the app. If you prefer a darker interface, you’ll enjoy the even deeper dark mode, which is a great option for low-light situations.

Source: Facebook Design

Beyond colors, the update touches nearly every visual element. You’ll find that icons now have a cleaner, more contemporary style, which aligns with current design trends. WhatsApp has also updated its illustrations, adding both visual charm and clarity to different parts of the app. Even subtle details like the default background, known as the “doodle,” received an small refresh, now featuring more familiar and relatable shapes.Functionality has also received attention in this update. Android users will likely find the change in navigation bar placement particularly welcome. The bar has moved from the top of the app to the bottom, making essential functions more easily accessible. This change is especially helpful for those with larger phones, making navigation more comfortable and efficient. iOS users will also appreciate the updated attachment tray – it’s now expandable and makes attaching videos, documents, and other files a simpler process.

Before and after of bottom navigation bar on Android

New attachment tray on iOS

This extensive design refresh, available for both Android and iOS, along with all the recent changes and ongoing development within the app, shows WhatsApp’s dedication to enhancing its popular messaging platform. The updated look and feel offer users a more seamless and up-to-date experience, proving that even the most established apps can benefit from a thoughtful visual overhaul.

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