WhatsApp beta update streamlines video replies with new shortcut


Image credit — PhoneArena

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, continues to evolve its features to enhance user experience. In its latest beta update for Android (, WhatsApp is introducing a new shortcut that streamlines the process of replying to video messages. This update is a significant step towards making video communication more seamless and intuitive within the app.The new shortcut appears as a small button next to video messages in chats. Tapping this button instantly opens the video recorder, allowing users to create and send their video response without any additional steps. This eliminates the previous need to navigate through menus or use specific gestures, saving users time and effort.

New shortcut appearing next to a video message allowing for a quick reply | Image credit — WABetaInfo

While this feature is currently rolling out to beta testers, it’s expected to be available to all users soon. WhatsApp has been actively improving its video messaging capabilities, and this update is another example of its efforts to providing a user-friendly experience.

The quick reply shortcut complements other recent enhancements, such as the ability to forward video messages and improvements to video message quality. The growing demand for video-based interactions seems to be driving WhatsApp to position itself as a platform for both text and video messaging.

For users who frequently exchange video messages, this new shortcut will undoubtedly be a welcome addition. It not only simplifies the reply process but also encourages more spontaneous and dynamic conversations.

As it is for now a beta feature, it’s currently not available to all WhatsApp users. However, it is expected that the feature will roll out to even more users in the coming days or weeks until it eventually reaches the stable build.

As a WhatsApp users, I am definitely looking forward to trying this out. Unfortunately, getting access to the beta version of WhatsApp via the Play Store is next to impossible these days, as there is almost always a waiting list. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like we have a lot longer to wait to get this on the official version of the app.

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