WhatsApp adds screen sharing with audio, increases video call participants, and more


WhatsApp is constantly rolling out updates to enrich the experience of its massive user base, which exceeds two billion. Now, the messaging app under Meta’s umbrella has introduced fresh features to enhance video calling on both desktop and mobile versions.

Better calling across desktop and mobile

WhatsApp will introduce a series of new improvements in the coming weeks. One standout feature is the ability to share your screen with audio, which is perfect for watching videos together. Now, when you share your screen, you can also share the audio, enhancing the experience significantly. And speaking of audio, another enhancement is coming to WhatsApp: Meta recently introduced the MLow codec to enhance call reliability and now this technology is being integrated into WhatsApp.

The MLow codec from Meta is a new tool designed to improve audio quality, particularly beneficial for users on slower connections. With MLow, audio becomes clearer overall, even if your network is slow or you use an older device.

Additionally, calls made on mobile devices now come with improved noise and echo cancellation, making it easier to have conversations in noisy environments.

Finally, you can now host video calls with up to 32 people across all your devices. Previously, WhatsApp allowed up to 32 participants on mobile devices, with limits of 16 on Windows and 8 on macOS.

If you want to learn how to join a group call on WhatsApp, check out the video above | Video credit – WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s new ability to host video calls across various devices mirrors Apple’s FaceTime, where iPhone and iPad users can also gather up to 32 participants. However, platforms like Google Meet and Zoom allow up to 100 participants, even on their free plans.

By consistently introducing updates like those mentioned above, WhatsApp stays ahead in the competitive landscape. These enhancements not only improve user experience but also make the app more appealing, drawing in new users, which, after all, is the end game of every business.

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