Welcome change for T-Mobile users revealed by iOS update


T-Mobile is trying to make life easier for its customers by bringing new features to the T Life app that was released earlier this year.

T Life started as an app for managing perks and also included some account management features. The company has slowly been adding more capabilities to it, including the option of managing your Home Internet Gateway remotely. Of course, we have seen some unwelcome changes too, like the appΒ getting plastered with ads, but T-Mobile is not alone in showing ads in its app, so we can hardly blame the company for having a revenue stream.

The app is evolving into something much bigger and could become the one-stop solution for all things T-Mobile.

The latest update to T Life’s iOS app brings more features to it. The updated app lets you manage your T-Mobile account and even lets you add a new line.

T-Mobile also says that T LifeΒ will soon be the go-to spot for everything and it’s preparing more features for the app.

The Mobile Report explored the app, highlighting all the changes for us. You can now access information by going to the “Manage” tab on the bottom right of the T Life app. The level of detail shown depends on the credentials used to log in, so you will only be able to see everything if you are a primary user.

You can view information like bill balance, due date, and line info. When you tap on the arrow in “More billing and payment options,” you are taken to a website-based view of payments. You get options like changing payment info, setting up payment arrangements, and viewing bill breakdowns.

If you select “Data used,” you’ll be shown a smartphone browser-friendly view of line usage. Other than that, the tab also lets you add people or lines to your account, manage device payment plans, and add your “Magenta Pass” to your iOS Wallet app.

Android users need not feel left out as the Android version is also being updated.

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