Weekly deals roundup: Galaxy S24 Ultra, Pixel 8a, AirPods Pro 2, and more promos to feast on!


Summer is almost upon us (even though the temperatures may not make it seem that way in many parts of the country), and while some of you probably have breezy cocktails and beach parties on your mind already, others are likely to be thinking about an entirely different way to spend all that free time on their hands.

Whether you like to travel or play mobile games for fun, binge-watch Netflix or… Disney+ shows, surf the web in search for answers to life’s most burning questions or stalk old classmates on Facebook, odds are you need a new phone, tablet, smartwatch, or pair of headphones for the summer.

We’re also fairly certain that you don’t want to spend a fortune on your next mobile tech purchase, which is where our latest spectacular collection of week-ending deals and steals comes in.

These are this week’s top three bargains:

If you don’t have a problem opting for a mid-range handset instead of an ultra-high-end model, you might as well pick probably the greatest Android mid-ranger out there today at a cool $100 introductory discount alongside a $100 Amazon gift card.

The Pixel 8a and S24 Ultra do not go with the AirPods Pro 2, but that’s why you love our weekly deals roundups: because they’re packed with awesome offers for fans of all major brands, platforms, and “ecosystems” around. Apple’s best (own-brand) earbuds have been available at this $70 discount before, mind you, but not at a larger one, at least as far as we know.

Check out a bunch of other sweet smartphone deals!

Can’t afford the deeply discounted S24 Ultra? Maybe a cheaper “vanilla” Galaxy S24 at a smaller but still substantial discount will scratch your itch for a new phone before Mother’s Day. Or perhaps you’re actually willing to pay more for the OnePlus Open, which we bestowed with the best foldable title after rigorously reviewing it a few months back.
The Galaxy S23 FE is naturally a lot more affordable… and way less versatile and powerful, while last year’s Motorola Edge Plus is without a doubt one of the most impressive high-end bargains out there at $200 under its list price with an additional pair of noise-cancelling Bose earbuds also included.
The same state-of-the-art QuietComfort II Earbuds are bundled in with the Motorola Razr Plus foldable at an even higher discount, while the OnePlus 12 is very hard to turn down right now despite being sold at what may sound like a fairly modest $100 markdown. The thing with that device is that it’s rarely discounted, especially in an entry-level variant and with no strings attached whatsoever.

How about this massive collection of special tablet offers?

It’s Black Friday. It’s Cyber Monday. It’s Prime Day. It’s… just another Friday in May. That’s right, there’s no special occasion at the time of this writing that could explain this incredible avalanche of tablet deals and steals. 

It’s simply easy to buy many of the best tablets out there at some of their lowest ever prices, starting with… surprise, surprise… Apple’s hot new 2024 iPad Pros with M4 power. The latest and greatest giants are only discounted with a special Best Buy membership, but that still beats getting no launch deals whatsoever.

All the other products in this category are marked down sans restrictions or requirements of any sort, and although we generally don’t like to play favorites, it’s hard not to recommend the second-gen Lenovo Tab P11 Pro mid-ranger at a lower-than-ever price or the Galaxy Tab S8+ oldie but goldie at a huge discount unlikely to last much longer.

Two of the best smartwatches out there are also substantially discounted

Here’s a very easy choice between two very good wearable devices with gorgeous designs, impressive health monitoring tools, and… not-too-bad battery life. Do you use an iPhone? Then the Apple Watch Series 9 is right for you. Android enthusiasts, meanwhile, should go for a Pixel Watch 2… and never look back. 

The week’s top earbuds and headphones offers are all about Apple

Now here’s something you don’t see quite every day of the week (or every week). Not one, not two, and not three but four different Apple-made products available at substantial discounts… in addition to the roundup-headlining AirPods Pro 2.

Should you choose the Beats Studio Buds or the AirPods 2? If you don’t care about your “status” and the AirPods brand too much, the Studio Buds are clearly better. The over-ear Studio Pro also objectively offer more value than the wildly overpriced AirPods Max, but of course, the choice is ultimately yours… and we can definitely understand if you opt to wait for the Beats Solo Buds or even the AirPods Max 2.

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