Want the new iPad Pro or iPad Air? Well, prepare to bring your own charger in the EU and UK


Apple just unveiled its newest tablets, the iPad Pro M4 (2024) and the iPad Air M2 (2024). You can already pre-order them in many places, and they are set to start shipping next week. But if you’re ordering in certain countries, there’s a little hiccup you might not be too happy about.

In the European Union and the UK, the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models don’t come with a charger in the box anymore. It might catch you off guard, considering this is the first time Apple’s pulled this move with its tablets, even though iPhones have been charger-free for a while now.

The move to ditch the charger might bum out some customers, but it’s likely driven by environmental concerns. Apple says cutting out the charger helps cut down on electronic waste. Many people already have chargers from previous iPhones or iPads, so tossing in a new one with each device just adds to the waste.

Still, you’ll probably need to snag one at some point anyway, which leads to another possible reason. Not including a charger might allow Apple to increase its profit margin.

Another reason Apple might be skipping the charger is to cut down on production costs. The idea could be to eventually pass those savings on to us, the consumers, in the form of a lower price tag, but that hasn’t really happened yet.

Some people believe there are other motives too, like nudging users toward newer tech like wireless charging. But let’s be honest, the charger move has sparked quite a debate. Some say it’s a hassle for us consumers and just a cash grab for Apple. On the flip side, some think it’s a win for the environment.

Regardless of why, just a heads up: if you are buying one of the new iPads in the EU or the UK, there’s no charger in the box. So, keep that in mind before you hit that order button. And hey, if you’re curious to learn more about them, check out our iPad Pro M4 (2024) preview to get the scoop on the latest Pro models, both sporting OLED screens this time around.
And if you’re not looking to go all out with the Pro and prefer something lighter, here’s the deal: this time, you’ve got two sizes to pick from. So, be sure to peep the new iPad Air M2 (2024) review for all the deets.

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