Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners could become more common in more Android phones


If you’ve ever struggled to unlock your phone with your finger because it’s wet, cold, or dirty, then you know how much of an annoyance that could be. Thankfully, this could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new fingerprint scanning technology from Goodix. The company just launched an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint sensor that’s already making waves in the Vivo X100 Ultra.This isn’t your average fingerprint scanner, as it uses sound waves instead of light to read your fingerprint. This makes it possible for it to work even if your fingers aren’t perfectly clean or dry, and it even works underwater. Additionally, it doesn’t need the screen to light up, which could mean better privacy and less battery drain.

Until now, this advanced tech has mostly been limited to high-end phones from companies like Samsung, because Qualcomm, the main player in this space, charges a premium for it. But Goodix, a big name in the sensor world known for its affordable fingerprint scanners used by companies like OnePlus, Huawei, and Redmi, is stepping in to shake things up.

Credit: Vivo (via Mishaal Rahman)

As noted by known Android expert Mishaal Rahman, this move could mean a big shift in the smartphone industry. Goodix is known for offering competitive prices, so their entry into the ultrasonic sensor market could drive down costs and make this advanced technology more accessible to a wider range of phones. If Goodix can deliver on their promise of quality and affordability, we could see a significant increase in the number of phones with under-display fingerprint sensors that work seamlessly in all conditions.This is definitely a win for consumers. Imagine unlocking your phone effortlessly, even with wet hands, after a run or a swim. No more fumbling with passcodes or smudging your screen. This is the kind of convenience and innovation that wider availability of ultrasonic fingerprint scanners could bring to the table.

So, while Qualcomm might have been the only game in town for ultrasonic fingerprint sensors before, Goodix appears to be here to change that. It’s a move that could revolutionize how we unlock our phones and make advanced technology more accessible to everyone.

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