TikTok says it’s not building a US-only algorithm, calls report about it “factually inaccurate”

Earlier it was reported that TikTok was working on a specific algorithm for the US. However, the company is now saying that this report is wrong, labeling it “misleading and factually inaccurate”. The social media platform stated that it wasn’t possible to create a separate recommendation algorithm for its US users, and definitely not within the 9-month timeline that the new law has given.

US President Joe Biden signed a bill that would ban TikTok in the country over security reasons last month. The company has until January 2025 to decide if it wants to sell its US operations to a domestic company (the only way not to get TikTok banned). However, ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, stated that it would not be selling, and sued the US government.

According to Reuters, TikTok was working on creating a version of its algorithm for the US. TikTok, however, said this report wasn’t true in a post on X.

It seems like this won’t be an option to keep TikTok available in the US. There are still some 9 months until the law is supposed to come into effects for ByteDance to try to figure out something so it would be able to stay in the US.

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