TikTok announces AI-made ‘digital avatars’ for creators and businesses

TikTok will be getting a fancy AI-based feature for businesses. The social media platform will soon let AI create a so-called “digital avatar”, which can help you promote branded content more easily. The digital avatar will be based on real people.

AI personas will be intended to help creators and businesses with branded content, and it could generate human-like promotions quickly.

Right now, TikTok has two kinds of avatars: stock avatars and custom ones. The stock avatars are based on real paid influencers, and the custom one is based on creators and brand spokespeople. The avatars can be customized to speak in different languages, and also to create different content for different target audiences.

The new feature will help creators and businesses get more reach, underlines the company.

Of course, as with any AI-generated feature, these currently reportedly don’t look too much human-y. And that’s, honestly, a bit creepy, as Engadget says. That fakeness will be a challenge that AI makers will have to face in order to make the speaking style and body movements look less fabricated and fake.

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