TextNow launches new “Free Essential Data” plan with talk and text included


TextNow, an MVNO provider of free ad-supported mobile phone service in the United States, has just announced its “Free Essential Data” to go along with its unlimited talk and text plan. This new feature gives users free data for essential apps like email, rideshare apps, and maps, as the company aims to give consumers even more options while working towards getting rid of monthly phone bills.TextNow added in its press release, based on data by BankRate and JD Power, that the average American household currently spends a significant amount annually on wireless service, with many struggling to keep pace with rising costs. Meanwhile, traditional phone providers continue to raise their prices, leaving customers in difficult financial situations. TextNow, on the other hand, argues that it is fighting against that as it uses advertising revenue to cover the cost of the service, letting consumers keep more of their money.

Credit: TextNow

Derek Ting, CEO and co-founder of TextNow, states that the company’s goal is to continually lower prices while providing more features, effectively disrupting what customers have come to expect from their wireless providers. He stated: “At TextNow, we’re obsessed with charging people less, while giving them more and changing what consumers expect from their mobile service providers. With this game changing launch of Free Essential Data, we’re proving that phone service can be affordable and offer more choice and control to the consumer.”

Ting also noted that most of their customers stay connected to Wi-Fi for most of their phone usage. This means that with widespread Wi-Fi availability, high-cost data plans often become unnecessary.

TextNow’s model keeps customers connected while only charging them for the data they need, and for those that need more, the company also offers flexible data passes for additional data without breaking the bank. Users can purchase data passes for hourly, daily, or monthly access, with options to change or cancel anytime without long-term contracts. An activation kit includes a TextNow SIM card that costs $4.99 USD and gives you access to the company’s 5G/4G network (in supported areas) powered by T-Mobile’s towers. Unfortunately, eSIMs are not compatible yet, but will be coming soon.

Those interested in using TextNow’s free features can do so by downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store, then ordering a SIM card. Once the SIM is activated, users will be on the Free Essential Data plan. Keep in mind that you will need a compatible device, which will need to be carrier-unlocked, and which you can double-check by entering your IMEI on the TextNow website.  

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