Telegram enters July with “Search Stories by Location” and seven other new features


Now that June 2024 is officially over, Telegram wraps it up with a total of eight new features and enhancements to the popular messaging app.

They’re aimed at both enhancing the user experience and the monetization options.

Users can now minimize mini apps for smoother multitasking and utilize Telegram Stars to purchase digital goods and reward creators through paid posts.

The introduction of hashtag and location search in stories enhances content discovery, while a new customizable link widget in stories improves link visibility.

Telegram also introduced subsidized advertising in public channels and discounted rates for promoting content using Stars, prioritizing privacy and cost-effectiveness in advertising strategies.

Here are the eight enhancements:

Mini App Bar

Telegram claims there are “over 500 million Telegram users” who “now use mini apps” every month for shopping, accessing services, and playing games.From today onwards, you can minimize mini apps into a bar at the bottom of your screen. This feature allows you to easily switch between responding to messages, opening other mini apps, and returning to the minimized app without any reloading time.

To minimize a mini app, just swipe down on its header. To reopen it, tap the app bar at the bottom and select the app you want to use.

Pay for Content with Telegram Stars

Last month, the messaging app introduced Telegram Stars for buying digital products in mini apps.

Now, content creators can receive the said Stars by posting paid photos or videos on their channels. Subscribers must pay to unlock and view these posts.

Creators can convert Stars into cryptocurrency rewards or use them to advertise their channels and gain more subscribers, all with nearly zero commission from Telegram.

Search Stories by Hashtag

Tapping a #hashtag in any chat lets you view search results for that tag from your chats and public channels. With this update, tapping hashtags in story captions allows you to browse public stories with the same tags.

If you’re a content creator or business, using hashtags can help grow your audience by making it easier for Telegram users to organically discover your profile or channel.

Telegram Business provides powerful features for creators and companies and is included for free with Telegram Premium.

Search Stories by Location

Those who are enjoying a vacation, attending an event, or dining out can attach a location tag to their story, letting others discover picturesque spots and delicious dishes.

Similar to hashtags, clicking on a location tag allows you to explore public stories from that area – enabling you to reminisce about last night’s concert or get a glimpse of your upcoming travel destination.

Only stories you’re permitted to see will show up in hashtag or location searches. Private stories will never appear in search results.

Link Widget in Stories

Premium users have the option to highlight a link by adding a link widget to their stories. This feature generates an elegant link preview on your photo or video, accommodating both light and dark backgrounds to complement your media.

With the link widget, you can customize the link name, replacing the URL text at the top of the preview.

Rewards for Content Creators and Developers

Bot developers who provide digital goods and services, as well as creators who monetize their channels with paid posts, can now use the Telegram Stars they earn to receive rewards in Toncoin or purchase Telegram Ads.

Telegram charges almost no commission on transactions involving Stars, so only taxes and payment system fees apply. When you convert Stars into your Telegram Ad account, Telegram even offers a 30% discount to cover all third-party payment system fees.

Toncoin Rewards

If your channel or bot has Stars accumulated, you can convert them into Toncoin rewards through Fragment. Toncoin serves as the primary currency on The Open Network, renowned for its rapid blockchain technology. Toncoins are readily exchangeable for various other cryptocurrencies.To check the Star balance of your bot, navigate to its Profile, select ‘Edit,’ and then click on ‘Balance’.

For channels, go to Profile, choose ‘Statistics,’ and then access ‘Monetization.’

Subsidized Ads for Creators and Developers

Anyone has the opportunity to place ads focused on privacy in public Telegram channels to boost visibility for their bot, channel, or group.

Additionally, bot developers and content creators can utilize Stars to promote their bot or channel at a reduced rate with a 30% discount, offering a budget-friendly approach to reaching a wider audience.

To initiate ad campaigns using Stars, navigate to the Balance or Monetization section of your bot or channel and select ‘Buy Ads’. Stars can only be used to advertise the specific bot or channel that earned them.

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