T-Mobile subscriber arriving in a foreign country gets a surprise from the carrier


When they arrived in a foreign country, T-Mobile USA subscribers typically received a text message notification on their phone. Now, one T-Mobile USA customer says that he received a push notification from the T-Mobile app instead. Clicking on the notification brought the subscriber to a page that lists a lot more information about roaming. It also includes a link that leads T-Mobile subscribers to a site where they can purchase a high-speed data pass along with the phone number for international support.

Those arriving on foreign soil will still need to type in their T-Mobile account number to see the information. The page has a heading that reads, “You’re connected around the globe.” Listing the features available on specific plans, it notes that those subscribed to the Go5G Next, Go 5G Plus or Max plans receive up to 5GB of high-speed data in over 215 countries and destinations. Go5G or Magenta subscribers can use up to 5GB of high-speed data in 11 European countries. 

These subscribers are entitled to Unlimited Basic Data in over 215 countries and destinations. They also can text in more than 215 countries and destinations. Calls cost 25 cents per minute. 

If you have a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, Go5G, ONE or Plus plan you can use up to 15GB of high-speed data in Canada and Mexico along with having unlimited basic data, unlimited calling, and unlimited texting to and from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Most T-Mobile subscribers on social media responded by noting that they just received a text message when arriving in a foreign country and they were not sent the push notification when they landed on foreign soil. Some wondered how unaware or older subscribers can get the push notification if they don’t have the T-Mobile app installed. Another said that it would be better if the carrier sent out information specifically about the location where the subscriber is and how his own plan is affected.

You might recall that back in March, a T-Mobile subscriber received a monthly bill for $78,240.61 thanks to roaming charges that his family ran up while on vacation. If you don’t have a plan covered by roaming, consume more data than your plan allows for, or don’t buy a data pass, you can get charged $15 for each MB of data consumed. Sounds affordable until you realize that this works out to $15,000 per GB. Perhaps the push notification puts T-Mobile subscribers who just landed in a foreign countries on notice that they have limited high-speed data to avoid getting charged with an extremely high invoice.

T-Mobile offers three data passes. The one day 512MB pass gives you unlimited calling and up to 512MB of high-speed data that can be used over 24 hours. This pass costs $5. The 10 day 5GB Pass costs $35 and for up to 10 days you have unlimited calling and as much as 5GB of high-speed data. And the $50 plan gives you 30 days of unlimited calling and as much as 15GB of high-speed data to use.

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