T-Mobile shocks customers by enforcing dreaded policy earlier than expected


Around a week back, it was reported that T-Mobile was gearing up to introduce changes to how device promotion worked. The change, which was expected to be implemented on July 1st, has already come into effect.

As spotted by Reddit user lsuarez94, T-Mobile’s new policy of ending bill credits if you pay off a device early is already in full force.

T-Mobile often runs promotions that include an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) that allows you to pay for a device over a period of time as well as discounts that are offered in the form of bill credits.

Previously, you continued getting Recurring Device Credits (RDC) even if you paid off your device ahead of time. Recently, it was rumored that T-Mobile‘s new policy was that if you paid off your EIP early, you wouldn’t get bill credits for the remaining promo credit period.

A quick check ofย T-Mobile’s website shows that the policy was enforced on June 21, a week before expected. The company states under all new promotions, including business promotions, that bill credits will end if you pay off early.

Customers who like to pay off their devices early are understandably upset as this flexibility allowed them to regain their credit limit to begin new EIPs. It’s being speculated that T-Mobile has made the change to discourage people from selling devices they bought through promos, considering the new generous unlocking policy is going to make it even easier to do that.

Another possible reason is that T-Mobile wants more people to sign up for the Go5G Next plan, which allows customers to get a new device every year instead of two years.

Devices that were purchased before 21 June are likely not subject to the new terms.

T-Mobile has made a string of unpopular decisions in recent times and this is just another one of them. While T-Mobile may have its reasons for implementing the policy, many subscribers are viewing it as a penalty of sorts for paying off their device early and have vowed to never buy a phone through T-Mobile again.

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