T-Mobile rep reveals the things a subscriber should know when ordering a phone or new line


So let’s say you have an account with T-Mobile and you want to add a new device to your service, upgrade your phone, or add a new line and do it via a phone call. You can call 611 from your T-Mobile device or call 1-800-866-2453. You can also dial 1-800-937-8997. If you are looking to buy a new phone or add a new line, it is best to be prepared heading into the call so that you can give the T-Mobile rep all of the information he needs to help you have a smooth experience dealing with the company.
According to a current T-Mobile rep who posts on Reddit under the user name cethu3001, these are the things you should know and be prepared for when making a hardware change to your account or changing the number of lines you have:
  • Our reps can’t see your credit score, so when you tell us it’s 850, they can only see what you guys get approved for!!
  • Nobody can lower a down payment. Trust me if we could we probably would. Escalating the situation won’t help
  • They WANT to help you, trust me!! It helps them just as much as it helps you, so if there is an obstacle, they have to get that taken care of first.
  • Reps have the hardest job at T-Mobile, they get beat up day in and day out, please don’t be that person that adds to it.
  • Please don’t fuss to them about the previous reps language barrier, it’s an awkward conversation and it just overall sounds bad!!

As the rep writes  at the end of his post, “We really do love our customers, we want to do all that we can do, sometimes their hands are tied. They will do all that they can do, find any and every promotion, and try to take care of you. Don’t beat them up!!”

The same rep, talking about his peers who give customers incorrect information or lie to them in order to get a higher commission or to reach certain metric goals, said, “The honesty point I get, I wish there were no bad apples!! It takes T-Mobile a little over a year and a half to recoup cost from a new customer, so they have to have certain things in place to try and keep them!! If they leave before that, T-Mobile loses a lot of money!! Unfortunately, as far as reps, there will always be ones that push the boundaries, hopefully we catch them all!!”

While T-Mobile remains the fastest-growing of the major U.S. wireless providers, it seems to have lost its way when it comes to being the most innovative and consumer-friendly in the industry. We wonder how much of this is a focus on the company’s stock, which has risen 133.46% over the last five years, by current CEO Mike Sievert. Last month, the man who was former CEO John Legere’s right-hand man for so many years, sold $6.5 million in T-Mobile stock.

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