T-Mobile network gets prepped against Hurricane Beryl connectivity loss

As Hurricane Beryl is making landfall, T-Mobilelisted all the precautions it has taken to hurricane-proof its network infrastructure against the damages that category 2 storm is about to wreak over the Texas coast.

The Un-carrier has prepared against the “life-threatening storm surge, damaging winds and flooding rainfall overspreading Southeastern Texas from Beryl,” as The US National Hurricane Center puts it, with various methods.

To help mitigate the impact of commercial power outages, our teams are working to refuel fixed generators, ensure battery backups are charged, prepare local fueling stations and stage additional portable generators for rapid deployment, if necessary,” says T-Mobile.

In the event that there are power outages from Hurricane Berryl, T-Mobile‘s engineers and field technicians are ready to deploy its so-called and rapid-response technologies that consist of Very Small Aperture Terminals, or VSATs, as well as Satellite Cell on Light Trucks and microwave solutions. 

Those can give T-Mobile subscribers quick respite in areas of lost signal due to network infrastructure damage by ensuring a temporary backhaul plug until the towers’ power is back up. 

In addition, the dedicated Emergency Response Teams of T-Mobile have partnered with the Texas Department of Emergency Management’s State Emergency Operations Center to provide help with any restoration efforts needed by the Center’s first responders and prioritize restoration efforts if needed following the storm. 

On a more local level, T-Mobile‘s response teams are ready to co-ordinate with the Emergency Operations Centers and any other agencies involved across the projected path of Hurricane Beryl in order to keep its subscribers with network coverage in the aftermath during the Category 2 storm. 

How successful will all those efforts to prevent Hurricane Beryl from knocking out T-Mobile‘s network infrastructure be remains to be seen later today.

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