T-Mobile has a terrific limited-time offer for those who frequently make international calls


If you and your family members routinely make calls abroad and don’t find apps like WhatsApp and Viber reliable for this purpose, T-Mobile has a great new offer for you.

T-Mobile charges each line $15 per month for unlimited international calling but if more than one person in your family frequently makes calls to people located outside of the US and North America, the carrier has a new add-on for you, per The Mobile Report.

The company is now letting all the lines on your account enjoy unlimited international calling for $20 per month. That’s $5 more than the per-line Stateside International feature and even if two people in your household need the add-on, you are looking at minimum savings of $10.

The add-on will let every line on the family account make carefree mobile-to-landline calls to over 70 countries, including Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. It also includes unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls and texts to more than 30 countries.

Without any add-on, whether this one or the per-line one, you will be charged the standard per-minute calling rate of $3 every time you dial an international number.

The other two main carriers, AT&T and Verizon, have no account-wide option, so if you often find yourself calling people who don’t reside in the US, this might be a good reason to switch, especially if you have a phone that’s eligible for T-Mobile‘s “Keep and Switch” offer.

Though the $20/month add-on option is only available for a limited time, you’ll get to keep this rate even after the deal ends. Since there’s no word on when it will expire, you might want to hurry up and lock the rate before the promo ends.

If you want to add the feature to your account, sign into your T-Mobile account, go to the Manage Add-ons page, and then enable the feature.

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