Spice up your days with the Edge (2023) and get a free Lenovo tablet bundle at Motorola

Would you like a new Motorola phone with a tablet? Not just a tablet, mind you, but a slate with its proprietary stylus and keyboard. If that sounds tempting, head over to the official store and get your Edge (2023) bundle! The deal includes the phone and a free Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) with accessories.

While the handset doesn’t arrive at lower prices, the good news is that this Lenovo tablet bundle you now get for free normally costs about $370. It’s a pretty rare deal, too. Usually, the phone sells at discounted prices with no gifts whatsoever.

And in case you don’t care much for the free tablet (and don’t mind paying $599.99 for a phone), consider the Edge+ (2023). This one is currently on sale at $200 off its price tag, making it a tempting choice for Motorola fans. The official store offers extra savings via a trade-in.

The Motorola Edge (2023) may not be the best Android phone, but it’s plenty good for everyday tasks. It has a good-looking 6.6-inch pOLED screen with 60-144Hz refresh rates, a MediaTek processor under the hood, and fast charging speeds (68W, to be exact).

Indeed, its camera might not impress you way too much, but if that’s no big issue, the phone won’t disappoint you. Additionally, it has a 4,400mAh battery, 8GB RAM, and 256GB of storage on deck. All of this sounds pretty good for a mid-range phone, right?

As for the free tablet bundle, the Lenovo Tab P11 (Gen 2) has an 11.5-inch 2K display and quad Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers, providing an immersive streaming experience. With its 7,700mAh battery, it’ll keep your binge-watching sessions running for hours, too!

Whether or not this is the deal for you is something you have to choose. All we can tell you is that it’s not every day that you can see this mid-range Moto phone with such a gift, albeit with no available discounts.

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