Skype rolls out update with new features for both Android and iOS

If your company uses Skype for communication – or you simply can’t let go of the iconic messenger – you’ll be thrilled to learn about its most recent update: build 8.118!

This update brings improvements for all users regardless of the platform Skype’s been used on: Android, iOS and desktop.

Overall, the update gives Android users more control over their camera. With in-chat camera customization, Skype will remember your last used settings, including whether you prefer the front-facing camera or the rear camera, even if you switched in-between.

Finding specific chats is also easier now with chat sorting. A new bottom sheet has a new filter menu through which you can sort chats by recent messages, unread messages, or active conversations.

For Apple users, notifications and in-app messages now synchronize faster. Tapping a notification now instantly brings you to the relevant message thread, with preloaded messages ready to view.

The full list of changes

In-chat Camera Customization That Remembers

Embrace the personal touch with Skype’s latest Android update – your chat camera now remembers your last used settings, ensuring your best side is always ready for its close-up.

  • Selfie-Ready: Love the front cam? Skype now defaults to your preference in chat, saving you a click.
  • Stick with Your Pick: Flipped? Set it once and Skype’s chat camera keeps it just so for next time.
  • Snap Back to It: Revisit the chat and your camera’s just as you left it, for seamless sharing.

Streamlined Chat Sorting

Finding your focus in Skype chats is now sleeker and more intuitive with our new bottom sheet design.

  • Filter with Flair: Tap and unveil a modern, user-friendly filter menu right in your chat list.
  • Customized Chat Visibility: Easily toggle between seeing recent chats, unread messages, or active conversations.
  • Design that Delivers: Enjoy a fresh look with essential features at your fingertips – designed for the way you communicate on mobile.

Skype Desktop’s GIF Picker Gets a Speed Boost!

Our latest desktop update means finding the perfect GIF is quicker than ever.

  • Speedy Selection: Wave goodbye to waiting; your GIF picker is now turbocharged for instant fun.
  • Slick Browsing: Glide through categories with a smoother experience, no more loading lags!
  • Optimized Performance: Enjoy quicker, crisper GIF rendering to express yourself in a flash.

iOS Lightning-Fast Message Sync from Notification click!

Goodbye lag, hello instant chat! We’ve turbocharged Skype for iOS.

  • Instant Message Sync: Notifications and in-app messages now sync up faster than ever. No more waiting!
  • Preloaded Chats: Messages are fetched in the background, ready when you are. Tap a notification, and your message is right there!
  • Smooth Experience: Our behind-the-scenes tweaks ensure a more responsive and satisfying Skype.

Polishing Skype: Stability improvements & Bug fixes

  • Avatars not displayed in the background of a video call for some users.

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