Pixel Watch 1 and Pixel Watch 2 July 2024 security update is rolling out now


Image credit β€” Google

The July 2024 software update is rolling out to Pixel Watch devices running Wear OS 4 starting today. This update, build TWD9.240705.001.A1, will be available for both Pixel Watch 1 and 2 globally. The update will be released in phases over the next week, and users will receive a notification on their watch when it’s available for their device.This update doesn’t bring any major new features or changes. Rather, the primary focus of this update is to apply the latest security patches that are essential for maintaining the safety and integrity of the device.

The update will be rolling out gradually, so don’t worry if you don’t see it on your device immediately. You can check for the update manually by going to Settings > System > System updates. If the update is available, it will download and install automatically.

That said, if you happen to run into issues updating your watch, such as it telling you that it is up-to-date when you know there’s an update pending, there is a trick to force the update. First, make sure that your watch is on the charger and then proceed to go to Settings > System > System update. If, after doing that, the watch says there are no updates available, start tapping on the watch icon on the update screen repeatedly.Β This typically does the trick after a few taps and the update begins to download, and also works if you do not want to wait and want to update your device right away.

It’s important to note that this update is only available for Pixel Watch devices running Wear OS 4. If your device is still running an older version of Wear OS, you won’t be able to install this update. However, you may want to check for updates to your operating system as well to ensure your device is as secure as possible.

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