Pixel 9 looks swoon-worthy in pink paint job in leaked hands-on video


Google is expected to shake things up quite a bit this year by releasing three Pixel 9 models instead of two and announcing its new phones before the next iPhone. The company is also rumored to tweak the design of the phone and per a new leak, the standard model will also be available in a lively pink hue.A May report said that the Pixel 9 would be available in Obsidian, Porcelain, Jade, and Peony. What we are seeing today is apparently the Peony variant and it looks prettier than anyone expected.

In a video posted by X user Hani Mohamed Bioud, we get to see a pink-colored Pixel 9. The caption says that the “Pixel 9 is already out in Algeria,” which supposedly means that dealers in the country have already received the phone. Since Google will likely announce its new lineup on August 13, this might be a retail unit and not a dummy model.

Regardless, if this is what the pink Pixel 9 is going to look like, we bet the color is going to be one of the things that will help it make it to the top phones of 2024 list.

At the risk of stereotyping my gender, pink is a color that’s hard to resist, especially a shade as pretty as Peony. What also makes this variant special is that we haven’t seen a standard Pixel model as vibrant as this in a long time.

As for the phone’s design, as earlier reports had indicated, it has flat edges, a flat display, and a glossy back panel. Like the Pixel 8, the Pixel 9 also has two cameras but this time around, they are housed in an oval camera island.

The phone is rumored to have a 6.03-inch screen and will presumably be powered by the Tensor G4 chipset. It will probably ship with Android 15 out of the box.

Outside of an updated design and a new chipset, the upcoming Pixel phones don’t seem to have a lot going for them, but a pink Pixel 9 might make people overlook that.

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