Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro colors: all the rumored shades

The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are (surprisingly) just around the corner, scheduled for an unusual Google event on August 13. So, the premium Pixels are coming sooner this year, and they’ve started to appear in the leaks.

We have the wallpapers for the devices leaked, and usually, those give us an idea of what to expect when it comes to the Pixel 9 colors. So in this article, we discuss the expected colors for the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, in order to help you picture them, and eventually, to have a color in mind for when the phones become available for purchase.

Pixel 9 colors

We expect the following colors for the Pixel 9:

  • Jade
  • Obsidian
  • Peony
  • Porcelain

As an illustration, we’ll be sharing the leaked wallpapers to give you an idea of what each color may be. Keep in mind that the way the color looks on a phone will be slightly different (and usually, lighter in hue). You can use the Peony Pixel 9 that’s leaked recently to compare how the color looks on the phone and on the wallpapers. Of course, given the fact that the phones have not yet become official, the info we have here is based on rumors and leaks.

Pixel 9 in Jade

Jade is going to most likely be a light green color, based on the wallpaper.  It will be fresh and exciting, with a youthful vibe to it. Expect it to be a bit more light than the image of the wallpaper, but it will be a similar hue to match it. This color will be ideal for those of you who want a spring feel to your phone.

Pixel 9 in Obsidian

Obsidian is a classic black for Pixel phones, and it’s been around for a while. It’s a dark shade and almost looks like black, while in different lighting, it may look more toward dark grey. This color is ideal for you if you prefer a more business-like feel for your phone and you don’t want something too eye-catching or vivid.

Pixel 9 in Peony

The Pixel 9 in what seems like Peony has leaked recently, and the color is slightly different than what many people expected. It’s more vivid and striking, and it looks great on the phone. It brings a trendy feel to the device and it will definitely attract attention.

Pixel 9 in Porcelain

Porcelain is the standard white color for Pixels. It’s a classic, and in such a color, the phone looks clean, minimalistic, and sophisticated. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a simpler look yet you don’t want your phone to sport a dark shade like Obsidian.

Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL colors

As for the Pixel 9 Pro and its bigger sibling, the Pixel 9 Pro XL, we have the following rumored colors:

  • Hazel
  • Obsidian
  • Porcelain
  • Rose

Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL in Hazel

Judging by the leaked wallpaper, the Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL in Hazel will sport a green-grey-ish look. This color is exceptionally beautiful and is still trendy although it’s been around for a while. Such a color brings sophistication to a device without making it too eye-catching or flashy.

Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL in Obsidian

The Pro-branded Pixel 9 phones also come in Obsidian, and it’s understandable – black is a classic, and many people would like to go for a more pro-looking phone without any crazy colors.

Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL in Porcelain

Porcelain should be the white variant for the Pixel 9 Pro. It will most likely sport a warm white finish, instead of your traditional snow white (which has a blue undertone). The color is great for almost anyone: it’s versatile, it looks premium, and at the same time it’s light and fresh.

Pixel 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL in Rose

The rumored Rose color for the Pixel 9 is interesting. Judging again by the leaked wallpapers, this color option should be similar to the Pixel 9‘s Peony. Meaning: it is likely this color will be vivid and pink. However, it may have a little bit less saturation to look more serious. I’m sure it will look beautiful.


The Pixel 9 and 9 Pro colors this year are very exciting. It’s been a while since Google made a pink phone (usually, pink phones are reserved for Samsung in recent years), and this time both Pro and non-Pro Pixels will come in pink.

Also, we have traditional but interesting colors like Jade and Hazel. And the standard black and white.

The two phones are expected to be officially introduced on August 13 during a ‘Made by Google’ hardware event.

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