Pixel 8a: What’s in the box?

It is a wild ride for smartphone fans these days, isn’t it? Some phones come fully loaded with all the bells and whistles, including screen protectors and cases, while others (most of them) leave you high and dry, not even tossing in a charging brick. So, where does the latest Google Pixel 8a fall on this spectrum, you might ask?

The Google Pixel 8a has made its debut and is now available for pre-order. If you are keen to grab one and curious about what is inside the box, stick around as we take a closer look at what the Pixel 8a comes with.

What’s in the Pixel 8a box?

  • Naturally, you will find the Pixel 8a itself
  • A handy 1-meter USB-C to USB-C cable
  • A Quick Switch Adapter designed to streamline your data transfer process
  • Quick Start Guide, aka paperwork, serving up all the essential info you need to get started
  • A SIM tool to help you pop in your card hassle-free.

And that is all there is. No unexpected goodies in the mix this time. With the Pixel 8a, you are getting the basics to kickstart your phone journey. The standout addition? The Quick Switch adapter making data transfer from your old smartphone a breeze.

What’s not in the Pixel 8а box?

  • Pixel 8a does not come with a 30W USB-C Power Charger or any adapter at all
  • Headphones
  • Case

Seems like the power adapter has decided to join in on a game of hide-and-seek lately, and guess what? It is hiding pretty darn well. If you were hoping to unwrap a shiny new one with your brand-new phone, well, think again. You won’t find one in the box. Looks like you will either need to fork out for a separate purchase or use the one from your old device.

The shift towards embracing USB-C as a universal standard is all about versatility. With one adapter to rule them all, you can power up multiple devices, making it a savvy and eco-friendly choice for the long haul.

Google’s decision to skip extras like cases or headphones in the box isn’t exactly shocking these days. It has become the norm for accessories to be sold separately from the main item. Why? Well, there is a certain song from the Swedish pop band ABBA playing in my head, but let’s save that topic for another day, shall we?

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