Pixel 8a might not get Android 15’s audio-sharing feature that would be present on the 8 and 8 Pro

Android 15 is now right around the corner and it will reportedly bring support for audio-sharing for Android devices. The feature will be based on a tech called Auracast, which was established by Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

The feature will be supported on the latest Pixel 8 series. However, it seems the recently released Pixel 8a won’t be supporting it, at least according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman.

Rahman says that the Android 15 audio-sharing feature won’t be available on the Pixel 8a or older Pixel phones. Curiously, the Pixel 8a supports Bluetooth LE Audio, but it seems Google isn’t planning on “enabling the requisite broadcasting rules”.

Rahman says he was able to enable LE Audio broadcast support on his Pixel 8 Pro by playing around with the code. But the feature isn’t on by default yet. Unfortunately, though, the Pixel 8a has some missing firmware to enable the feature.

Nothing is lost yet, though: Android 15 isn’t in its final version, so the devices may gain support for the feature. Nothing is certain as of now. In my opinion, if the hardware supports it – you should be able to have it. I personally dislike when manufacturers limit features despite hardware supporting them, just so more premium phones get to have an edge. But to be honest, I’m skeptical that the Pixel 8a won’t support it. I’d rather think it may gain support for the feature but at a later time.

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