Pixel 7a makes pricey flagships uncool again after dipping in price by 50%

The Pixel 8a might be around the corner and it may or may not cost the same as the Pixel 7a, which retails for $499, but if all you want is a phone that’s actually cheap and nearly as good as pricier phones, Google’s current-gen mid-ranger is a whopping 50 percent off.

That’s right, Best Buy has brought the price of the Pixel 7a down from $499 to $249, making it the best phone for anyone who believes that spending an exorbitant amount on phones is a waste of money.

The only requirement is that you activate the phone today, which is not that big of an ask compared to what you are getting in return. There is no compulsion though and Best Buy is nice enough to offer a discount of $150 to those who want an unlocked device, which is also a pretty good deal.

The Pixel 7a is one of the nicest phones you can buy today. It has got the same general design as the more premium Pixel 7 phones and also features the same Tensor G2 chip, so unlike other budget phones, it’s as smooth as a high-end phone.

Google also doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the phone’s screen and has equipped it with a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz.

The dual camera system is good enough to put most phones to shame and the 4,385mAh battery ensures that the phone lasts all day.

The phone also offers other features that are usually reserved for expensive devices, such as Face Unlock and wireless charging.

Also, Google jumped on the AI bandwagon way before it was cool, so the phone also has AI-powered features like Direct My Call to make calls to businesses less annoying. You also get special photography features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. 

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