Oppo details AI pivot that brings innovative features to all phones


Oppo will be democratizing the access to the most suitable device to take advantage of the AI era – the phone – by bringing its productivity and creativity features downmarket to virtually all of its handsets.

The company behind the excellent Find X7 Ultra and foldable Find N3 phones used the festivities around its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League and its Bouissia Dortmund – Real Madrid final to present its vision for artificial intelligence that it simply calls the AI Phone.

The abovementioned flagships, however, won’t be the only ones getting Oppo’s AI Summary, real-time Translation, or the popular AI Eraser function that removes unwanted objects and areas in your photo with the flick of a finger.

The democracy of AI, by Oppo

In fact, Oppo plans to release a coordinated set of AI features created in a partnership with juggernauts like Google, Microsoft, or MediaTek, by year’s end. These, however, won’t be reserved only for Oppo’s flagship Find- and N-series, but will trickle down to the Reno midrangers and even to the budget A- and F-series.

According to Billy Zhang, Oppo’s President of Overseas Marketing, Sales and Services during the dedicated presentation at London’s beautiful Renaissance St. Pancras: 

That is 50 million people that may get their first glimpse of an AI-induced function or feature on their Oppo phone, no matter its price range, and the best that the industry can offer at that, like chatbots, large language models, and productivity or entertainment suites.

Along with the keynote presentation for the AI Phone of the future, Oppo held a panel discussion with stakeholders like Google’s AI Director Susara van den Heever, as well as Philipp Ennen, Principal Research Manager of MediaTek. Panel moderator Francisco Jeronimo, the VP of Devices at research firm IDC, outlined the key areas where AI technologies are primed for a breakthrough.

In short, AI is moving from buzzword or research topic to the mainstream, and Oppo is of the opinion that its AI Phone undertaking will bring its user-centric features to more people than ever with the best available performance, even on affordable handsets.

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