Leaked screen protectors show off the new screen sizes for the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max

We’ve known for some time now that

iPhone 16 screen protector pic.twitter.com/tgptOL50HL

— Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial) June 28, 2024 ” class=”external” target=”_blank”>Apple was planning to increase the screen sizes of the iPhone 16 Pro series. The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will continue to sport 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens respectively. But the iPhone 16 Pro is expected to carry a 6.3-inch display compared to the previous 6.1-inch glass on the Pro model. The glass on the front of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will also get a .2-inch increase to 6.9 inches.

Let’s back up a little. Another leaker who goes by the username of Majin Bu on “X,” posted a tweet today that showed four tempered glass screen protectors for the upcoming iPhone 16 line with the measurement under each screen protector. Based on the tweet, this year’s displays will weigh in exactly as suspected with a 6.1-inch screen for the iPhone 16, a 6.7-inch display for the iPhone 16 Plus, a 6.3-inch display for the iPhone 16 Pro, and a 6.9-inch screen for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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