Leaked iPhone 16 vs iPhone 15 image reveals another thing that has changed between the models


Apple is all set to announce the iPad Air and iPad Pro on Tuesday and later in the year, probably sometime in September, the company will announce the iPhone 16 lineup. Rumors tell us that the phones will get a new 3nm chip and AI capabilities, and some models will get bigger screens, new ultrawide cameras, and larger batteries as well. Images of iPhone 16 molds uploaded by French website ShopSystem indicate another seemingly minor change is also on the cards. 

When you buy a new phone, you only concentrate on the key specs like the display size, chipset, battery capacity, and number of cameras. A phone is much more than that though and also includes a series of other features that make life easier for users, such as MagSafe. 

Introduced with the iPhone 12, MagSafe is a magnetic technology created by Apple that puts a series of magnets around the iPhone’s charging coil. The tech allows you to charge your phone wirelessly and attach accessories like wallet cases to it.
According to the freshly leaked photos, the charging ring on the iPhone 16 is going to be thinner. Though ShopSystem thinks that this change may mean that older MagSafe and Qi2 chargers will not be compatible with the new iPhones, 9to5Mac says that’s unlikely.

It is believed that the reduction in thickness will improve the charging technology and cut down on the heft of the phones.

The images are also in line with numerous previous leaks which say that the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus will have a vertically aligned camera layout. The realignment will apparently enable Apple to bring spatial video recording, which is currently only possible on the Pro models, to the base variants. 

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