iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are getting locked out of Apple ID accounts


Many iPhone, iPad, and Mac users are complaining that they are getting signed out of their Apple ID accounts across multiple devices.

The apparent Apple ID outage started on Friday evening and the complaints have been mounting since, per 9to5Mac. Though the System Status page on Apple’s website doesn’t show any issue with Apple ID, something is surely up, judging by the number of people experiencing the issue.

Using the same password as before doesn’t seem to work and the only way back in is a password reset. While that may sound like a straightforward solution, the situation can be an ordeal for those who have enabled Stolen Device Protection – which adds security delay as a means to protect users – and are away from familiar locations.

If you have it enabled, you might be asked to wait for a minimum of an hour before being allowed to change your Apple ID password.

Given Apple ID is needed to access all Apple services, including iMessage, iCloud, and App Store, having to wait for an hour can be infuriating, especially if you are in the middle of something time-sensitive. 

Similarly, this is going to be a frustrating experience for those who have created app-specific passwords for third-party apps.

What’s strange is that despite so many complaints springing up on Reddit, X, and other social media platforms, Apple has not acknowledged the issue. 
Apple Support appears to be clueless, with one Mastodon user saying (via The Verge) that they were told “sometimes random security improvements are added to your account.”

The whole episode is making some users wonder whether they should reduce their reliance on Apple’s ecosystem. Hopefully, the company will fix the issue soon and also reveal what caused it.

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