iPhone 16 battery leak shows Apple won’t take the risk it did with iPhone 15 Pro


There was a lot of hue and cry about the iPhone 15 Pro overheating when it was first released and though Apple claims to have taken care of the issue, it still persists for some users, indicating it’s not a wholly software-related problem. Apple wants to ensure the problem doesn’t crop up again this year, and as a leaked iPhone 16 battery image shows, it has made some tweaks to prevent the phone from getting toasty.Posted by Majin Bu on X, newly leaked images show what is apparently iPhone 16‘s battery. It’s the same shape as the iPhone 15’s cell but in place of a foil casing is a metal covering. Apparently, Apple first decided on a glossy surface but later settled for a frosted metal shell. The metal shell will presumably be better at distributing heat than the current solution. Apple has reportedly also redesigned the connector.

This change was first leaked back in November by tipster @KosutamiSan, who also said that the phone may switch to a graphene thermal system as graphene offers better thermal conductivity than copper.

Per the leaked images, the iPhone 16 will have a 3,597mAh battery, which should allow it to last longer than the iPhone 15.

We don’t know if the iPhone 16‘s battery will feature increased density for longer battery life and whether it will have a stainless steel battery case instead of an aluminum housing. Both of these changes have been rumored for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Though not all iPhone 15 Pro users experienced overheating issues, it’s still nice to see Apple take a proactive approach.

With all the AI features that will allegedly be baked into the the next operating system, the new phones may generate more heat than the current generation, and heat-dissipating measures will hopefully stop them from getting unbearably hot.

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