iPhone 16 AI features: Here is what to look forward to

In less than a year, having generative AI and AI algorithms inside phones has become the “next big thing”, as Google and Samsung lead the way with the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24. Now that the iPhone 16 announcement is starting to appear on the horizon, we expect Apple to also step up its game and introduce a bunch of neat AI features alongside its 2024 phone lineup.

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With CEO Tim Cook hinting at major AI-related announcements for this year’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC), it is safe to say that AI integration will be the main selling point for the iPhone 16 series.

Apple might be a little late to the party, but we are hoping to see the tech giant throw its own twist and offer something that stands out from the strong competition on the Android side. Here you will find everything we know about the iPhone 16 AI features so far.

Some of the information below is based on leaks and rumors, so keep in mind that not all that is mentioned here is guaranteed to come with this year’s iPhones. If you prefer waiting until everything is official, you can come back after Apple’s WWDC, which starts on June 10, when we will have the company will announce all iOS 18 AI features during the event.

All rumored iPhone 16 AI features

On-device and Cloud-Based AI

According to one of the more recent Power On newsletters from Gurman, Apple plans to have most of the iPhone 16’s AI features be carried out by on-device AI. The main reason behind this choice is security, which Apple is known for prioritizing with its devices.

Having most AI functionality happening on-device also means that features will work quickly. Cloud-based AI features usually have some delay as the information goes to the Cloud, gets processed, and is sent back to your phone again.

The major downside, however, is that on-device AI cannot handle extremely complex AI algorithms, something the more powerful Cloud computers are perfectly capable of. So, as leaks and reports have suggested, Apple might lean on Google’s Gemini or another AI outfit for cloud-based AI features coming with the iPhone 16 series.

Siri Catches Up

We all know that Siri is far from being on the same level of smarts compared to Google Assistant (or Amazon Alexa). The iPhone 16 is said to change that with a massively upgraded Siri, which will offer similar functionality to that of ChatGPT.

More specifically, Siri should become capable of more complex tasks, such as summarizing text, giving more comprehensive answers to queries, proofreading, and more.

Apple insider Mark Gurman, who writes for Bloomberg, has also mentioned in one of his weekly newsletters that Siri and the Messages app might “field questions and auto-complete sentences…” This could also mean that, similarly to Google’s Assistant, Siri will be capable of altering a text to change its tone, and even add suggestions on how to structure it.

Automatic Transcription and AI-Powered Summarization

Leaked iOS 18 information states that the Voice Memos and Notes apps will be updated to include real-time transcription of recorded audio, and AI-generated summaries of these recordings. These improvements will presumably be most useful to students and professionals who frequently record and review audio content, making the whole process quicker.
There will be a dedicated transcription button resembling a speech bubble in the Notes app, which would transcribe any voice recordings you have in your notes. Audio recording in the Notes app is another feature anticipated to come with iOS 18.

Content-aware Actions and Tools

There are also reports saying Safari will get its own infusion of AI features. Those will include the ability to block content (supposedly based on your instructions), and, of course, the ability to summarize a web page and get the TL;DR of its contents. Additionally, users will benefit from what’s currently being called “Intelligent Search,” powered by AI.

The summarizing feature will reportedly be handled by Apple’s on-device Ajax large language model, which would make the process much quicker than connecting to a cloud-based server.

What’s more, the Visual Look Up feature that can help you identify pets, popular landmarks, and plants from images in the Photos app, might also come to Safari. Reports say that Apple is also planning to introduce an enhanced version of Visual Look Up in 2025, which would be able to name products and direct users to a place where they can purchase it from (much like Google’s Circle to Search feature)

Automatic generation

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has also stated that Apple might integrate AI in some of its own applications. The specific examples Gurman mentions are automatically generated Apple Music playlists and slides in the Keynote app. Apple is apparently also working on a way to offer this functionality to third-party app developers.

AI-Enhanced Image and Video Editing

One of the main use cases for multimodal large language models (aka MLLMs), is to improve the image quality of photos and Videos. Google did this with its Magic Editor and Video Boost features, which automatically transform the content to make it appear more appealing.

Given Apple’s intense focus on the iPhone’s camera performance, it is not too far-fetched to think that the iPhone 16 will include similar features to boost the performance of its camera system.

In fact, Apple has already partnered with UC Santa Barbara researchers to develop an AI model that can edit images based on user instructions, the result of which we might well see in this year’s lineup.


Unlike the information we had before Google’s Pixel 8 series last year or Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series that was released at the beginning of 2024, the AI capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 16 lineup are rather vague.

Of course, there are a few safe expectations such as camera-related features, improvements to Siri, and some quality-of-life iOS upgrades being powered by Apple’s upcoming generative AI. Thankfully, we don’t have that much more to wait until WWDC, so we will get the juicy details soon enough.

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