iPad Air M2 (2024): What’s in the box?


Apple has announced its new generation of the iPad Air, and this time we also have a larger 13-inch iPad Air besides the 11-inch model we know and love. So, is there also something new about the unboxing experience with these M2 iPad Airs? Well, kind of, and it’s not exactly a good thing.

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What’s in the box of the M2 iPad Air (2024)?

  • The 11″ iPad Air with M2/ 13″ iPad Air with M2
  • USB‑C Charge Cable (1 meter)
  • 20W USB‑C Power Adapter (except for the EU and UK)
Yes, you read that right. Apple has decided to not ship the new iPad Airs with a charger for the UK and EU. Thankfully, buyers from the US will get a 20W USB‑C Power Adapter inside the box. Also, as you’d expect, the 13″ Air comes in a bigger box.

What’s NOT in the box of the M2 iPad Air (2024)?

  • Screen protector
  • A fast charger
  • A case
  • Apple’s Magic Keyboard
  • Apple’s Magic Pencil
Apple does not included anything more than a charging cable and a charger (at least in the US) with its tablets. The new M2 iPad Air now supports Apple’s first ever Apple Pencil Pro, but, of course, it’s not included.

Does the iPad Air M2 (2024) work with the iPad Air M1 (2022) charging brick?

In short: it does, so you don’t need to buy one in advance.

Tablet batteries have a lot more capacity than the ones found in phones though, so a 20W charger (which is what Apple includes in the box) can feel a little weak and therefore slow to charge with. If you happen to have a faster USB-C charger, a 30W one for example, it will be able to charge the iPad Air (2024) noticeably faster.

Additionally, if you have a faster charger for your MacBook it will not only be compatible with your iPad Pro, but it will also charge it considerably more quickly.

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