If the iPhone 16 Pro ends up looking like the iPhone 15 Pro, will you buy it?


*Header image: the iPhone 16 Pro (render) vs the iPhone 15 Pro (Image Source – PhoneArena)

The iPhone 16 Pro is on the horizon, and as always, Apple fans are getting hyped. With each new iPhone release, the big question remains: will it be different enough to get you to upgrade? Could this same-same design that leaked recently be accompanied by enough to make the phone popular? Or is Apple digging itself with the same design over and over to the point of people losing interest?

Design: Same-same? Or not so much

However, at a closer look, you’ll notice a few changes, at least judging by the leaks. The most obvious one is the size. The iPhone 16 Pro will reportedly come with a 6.3-inch screen, slightly larger than the iPhone 15 Pro’s 6.1-inch display. And I’m all about bigger phones!

It’s not a huge difference, but it’s enough to be noticeable and could be enough to get me to prepare my wallet.

Additionally, the new iPhone 16 Pro will probably have slimmer bezels thanks to the Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology that’s in the rumors. This means even more screen, which means an improved viewing experience, more enjoyable video streaming, and more content fit in when browsing social media.

Give me battery: iPhone 16 Pro rumored to rock bigger battery as well

One of the rumored upgrades in the iPhone 16 Pro is its bigger battery. This improvement might not be as flashy as a new camera or a larger screen, but it’s a change that people like me will definitely appreciate in their daily lives. This means more YouTube videos binge-watched before I need to dig for the charger.

The iPhone 15 Pro already has a pretty good battery life. For our review, it lasted for 7 hours of nonstop YouTube consumption (and heck, even I can’t make 7 hours straight, and I tend to watch a lot of YouTube), almost 15 hours of browsing, and almost 9 hours of gaming.

Rumors talk about a battery life “that can exceed 30 hours.” It’s not clear what this means (is it browsing, YouTube, stand-by?), but even if the improvement ends up not being that dramatic, it’ll still be welcome.

Apple AI enhancements

Another exciting aspect of the iPhone 16 Pro is the expected advancements in Apple’s AI capabilities. Apple is said to reveal something sweet during the upcoming WWDC, and the world is waiting for Cupertino to join in on the generative AI fun.

According to analysts, Apple AI will make the iPhone 16 series very exciting, so much so that it could become a supercycle in terms of sales. Yep, investors are already getting ready for the big bucks.

There aren’t many leaks detailing what AI features we might get though. These could include enhancements to Siri (much needed), better photo and video processing (also, much needed), and smarter automation in everyday tasks.

AI is the big thing right now. And if Apple pulls the presentation of the new iPhones right (which it probably would), it would manage to make AI even more exciting than it already is. And I’m sure many people will want the new iPhone.

New and improved cameras

Of course, one of the most talked-about features of any new iPhone is the camera. The iPhone 16 Pro reportedly won’t disappoint in this department. The new model is rumored to include two additional cameras: a 12MP periscope telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and a 48MP ultra-wide camera. Yep, this will make the iPhone 16 Pro significantly different than the iPhone 15 Pro, and if true, will make the iPhone 16 Pro even cooler than it’s already shaping to be. 

The iPhone 15 Pro has a 48MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide, a 12MP 2x telephoto, and a 12MP 3x telephoto. So you can expect the ultra-wide photos to now have more details and generally, to be better, and also, better zoom quality (as you can see, the 2x portrait above can be improved).

Also, the rumored Capture button, which is expected to function like a traditional shutter button with touch sensitivity, is another fancy feature. This button could make taking photos feel more like using a dedicated camera, giving you more control over your shots and possibly even allowing for zoom adjustments on the go.


While the iPhone 16 Pro may not look drastically different from the iPhone 15 Pro at first glance, never judge a book by its cover, right? The upgrades the new iPhone will reportedly bring will most likely make most people ignore the same-same look. The slightly larger screen, increased battery life, potential Apple AI, and significant camera upgrades are mainly what this phone will be all about. And I’m not even talking about the faster chip, which we’re bound to get, or any other improvements that leakers have not managed to get their hands on just yet.

Yep, it’s almost clear as day that the iPhone 16 Pro is positioned to become very popular. And although the crowd will most likely not be able to tell this phone from its predecessor apart (me probably included), what’s under the hood will matter. Let’s see how much it will matter!

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