Here’s how the Galaxy Ring works across the Samsung ecosystem


It’s finally official – Samsung’s smart ring, aptly named the Galaxy Ring – “Simplifying Wellness, Starting With Sleep.”

Seemingly out to replace your smartwatch, how will this new wearable integrate across Samsung’s ecosystem? Let’s get into it.

Samsung Health integration

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Ring will rely on Samsung’s Health app, where it would inform you of your sleep quality, thanks to what the company boldly calls “Samsung’s best-in-class sleep analysis.”The Galaxy Ring is said to use an AI algorithm to learn your sleep patterns and help you build healthier sleep habits overtime, with suggestions, and of course – the data it gathers from you.

The sleep metrics you can expect to get from it include a Sleep Score, and interestingly – snoring analysis. The ring is also equipped to track your movement during sleep, sleep latency, plus your heart and respiratory rate, to better inform you whether you’re having a quality sleep or not.

The Galaxy Ring can also work with Samsung Health Cycle Tracking, by providing overnight skin temperature monitoring.

Camera integration

Similarly to many Bluetooth smartphone accessories, the Galaxy Ring can be used as a remote camera shutter button, for taking photos from your Galaxy smartphone, without you having to be anywhere near it.

Thanks to that, you’ll no longer have to have a buddy missing from your group photos, as they’re tasked with taking them.

Just prop your Galaxy phone somewhere, gather all friends, with you, in front of the camera, and take the photo by performing a double-pinch gesture on your Galaxy Ring. Super convenient!

Alarm integration

The Galaxy Ring has basic integration with Samsung’s Alarm app too, letting you, say, dismiss your morning alarm swiftly, with a simple gesture.

No reaching for your phone, just a simple gesture from the smart ring that’s already on your hand – easy peasy.

Potentially a killer feature for people who tend to snooze their alarms, or need a more gentle, simpler and less stressful way of starting their day.

Samsung Find integration

Samsung Galaxy users will be happy to know that the ring won’t be as easy to lose or misplace as you’d think, thanks to its integration with the Samsung Find app.

There’s no location history for the ring, though, as you may expect from, say, a smartwatch with integrated GPS tracking.

The Find My Ring feature will only be able to show you the last place your Samsung phone and Galaxy Ring were both active and paired together. The app does not keep track of the Galaxy Ring‘s location beyond that, unfortunately.

In conclusion

For a first-gen device, the Samsung Galaxy Ring starts off having pretty strong integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, as we’d hoped for.Its primary integration is with the Samsung Health app, of course, but we do get a couple of quality of life bonus features as well, which is always nice to see.

It’s worth pointing out that you really need to be a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user to take full advantage of the Galaxy Ring, due exactly to its strong integration with the Samsung ecosystem and its apps.

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